Is garbage disposal really necessary?


Before discussing in detail, is garbage disposal really necessary for your kitchen or not, let’s have a brief introduction about what is garbage disposal used for.

The most basic function of a food waste disposer is to break down the larger and tough parts of food waste into smaller and delicate particles so that they may pass easily through the pipes of the drainage system without having any problem.

As far as the question is concerned is garbage disposal really necessary, we need to look into detail the advantages and disadvantages of the garbage disposal to determine this factor and select the best garbage disposal for us.

Pros of garbage disposal:

There are countless benefits and advantages or pros of garbage disposal. Some of them are as follows.

Effective disposal of waste material:

The first and foremost benefit of having a garbage disposal is that it adds effectiveness to the process of food waste disposal of your kitchen. Without garbage disposal, it is nearly impossible to handle a large amount of food waste. The hard and larger particles of the food waste can be problematic for the drainage system and may cause clogs as well as jams.

Fortunately, garbage disposals provide a dependable solution to this problem.

 garbage disposal

Protection of the pipes:

Pipes of the drainage system are vulnerable to various problems like jams and jams. And these issues may cause harm to the pipes resulting into their leakage or breakage. Thanks to the garbage disposals who help us overcome this problem and save the drainage pipes from destruction.

Garbage disposal reduces the chances of clog formation up to a considerable extent and ensures the protection of the pipes of drainage system.

Compatibility with drainage systems:

No matter you have a simple drainage system or that having a septic system or septic tank. Garbage disposals can be attached to both these types of drainage systems.

However, you need to be careful while buying a garbage disposal, because if you have a septic tank attached to your drainage system, then it is necessary to get a garbage disposal product that is compatible with the septic system.

They cut the cost of waste disposal:

Apart from all other benefits, reduction of the waste disposal budget is another benefit of installing a garbage disposal. The reduction of the cost of waste disposal is due to the fact that you no more need to carry or bring the food waste to anywhere like landfills or other places.

Instead, the food waste is allowed to be put into the sink drain where garbage disposal handles it.

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Cons of garbage disposal:

In order to have a more clear answer to the question, is garbage disposal really necessary, we need to look at the cons of garbage disposals as well. Here are some of the disadvantages of garbage disposal.

Careful usage:

First of all you need to be very careful while using a garbage disposal and it is just because there are chances of laceration of your hand if not did so.

Proper maintenance:

Secondly, garbage disposal needs proper or regular maintenance in order to keep it working well. Failure to which may result in making garbage disposal out of order.

Jams and clogs:

If not chosen well, a garbage disposal may face the problems like jams and clog formation. Therefore, you need to keep the compatibility of its motor power, with the workload it is supposed to , in mind.


 If you haven’t installed garbage disposal yet and want to know whether a food waste disposer really necessary for your kitchen or not, then you can determine it by having a deep look into the advantages and disadvantages of garbage disposals.

Keeping in view the waste disposal units pros and cons mentioned in this article, you can easily find out the answer to the question, is garbage disposal really necessary.  So, before taking any decision in this regard, give a read to the information mentioned above.

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