Is stretching helpful in making our stress levels decrease?

Stretching reduces the stress

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There are certainly some misconceptions regarding stretching, it is a common notion among people that stretching only makes the body flexible, it is surely true that it helps in making our tissues flexible but besides flexibility, it also gives you a calming sensation as stretching reduces the stress levels from different parts of the body.

This is the reason many psychiatrists often recommend their patients suffering from depression and anxiety or insomnia to do stretching and many other physical movements because when your body moves, the blood circulation also gets improved and so is the heart rate and cholesterol which also gets improved. Being fixed in one place is for the non-living creatures, we human beings are made to move our body to its full extent. If you want to know why does stretching feel good, read the entire article.

How stretching reduces the stress levels from the body?

  • When you stretch your body, the tissues which were relaxed like jelly are now tightened, thus making it hard and stiff. During this process, the tissues release a chemical called Endorphin. This endorphin is the reason why stretching makes you feel good?
  • Endorphin calms the nervous by reducing the activity inside the brain, it reduces the number of signals reaching the brain. Thus, your brain has less pressure of work to do, so it goes to rest. This is the reason why you feel sleepy after doing stretching or extreme workout.
  • Endorphin is also responsible for influencing your mood, giving rise to emotions of excitement and love, for this Endorphin is also known as “feel-good hormone”.

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Types of Stretching

Mostly there are two types of Stretching, static and dynamic which are commonly used by experts, but there is also a third type known as Ballistic Stretching.

Static stretching is the stretching where you move a certain part of the body to the full extent, then hold it at that position for a few seconds or minutes, then again releasing it. This is the most common stretching performed by people who begin their course as it requires less movement of the body.

Dynamic stretching involves the full range of motions such as moving a part of the body in a cyclic position many times, such as deep squats, zig-zag, up-down stretch, etc.

Ballistic movements are mostly for professionals or people who are regular in stretching their bodies or those who aspire of becoming athletes. Ballistic stretching includes circuit training, aggressive stretching of ligaments and tendons. Ballistic stretching should not be done without the assistance of an expert.

Some precautions to be kept in mind while stretching your body?

  • The most important point to be noted here is that if you are doing stretching your body after a gap of a long time, do it with caution and prevention. If on stretching a part of your body, you feel pain or discomfort beyond a certain angle, it is better to stop it immediately.
  • Another point to be kept in mind is that never overdo stretching. It can be extremely lethal for your body resulting in severe muscle cramps and hamstrings.
  • For example, in static stretching, if you are unable to hold a certain part of your body for few moments, while doing if your muscles begin to ache, just release them.
  • Keep in mind that for what are you stretching your body, is it that you just want to remain fit, or that you want to become an athlete. In both, cases nothing major will happen in one day. For the first few days or a week your body will pain from almost every part, this is quite natural as for so long there was negligible movement and suddenly you are stretching it from all corners.

Now you must come to know why does stretching feel so good.

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