All you need to know about ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

Accredited Coach Training Program

Coaching as a career

Coaching as a career has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. More and more professionals have found it fruitful to work directly with a coach to enrich their professional lives and achieve goals – both personal and professional. This has meant that the demand for coaches has increased manifold and so have the number of institutes offering Coach training.

How to Become a Coach?

There are many organisations that offer coach training – some are accredited and several are not. ICF or International Coach Federation is an international body that has many pathways using which one can become an Accredited Coach. The easiest and probably the most popular of these pathways is the ICF ACTP or ICF Accredited Coach Training Program.

What is ICF Accredited Coach Training Program or ACTP?

The ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) is a comprehensive coach training program for acquiring ICF credentials. This is a start to finish coach training program which is to say it offers everything needed to gain a Coaching Accreditation.  The ACTP is aligned with ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Regulated and designed by International Coach Federation (ICF), Accredited Coach Training Program abbreviated as ACTP is one of the pathways for getting certified as a Coach. Individuals who want to become qualified coaches can adopt this route and become ICF certified Coaches. The ICF Accredited Coach Training Program puts candidates on the path to becoming ACC and then PCC coaches. It is amongst the options for the pathway of ICF coach training.

All About ICF accredited coach training program.

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program is a two-level, 125-hour coach training program. The mentor-guided coach training program has designated hours of class teachings, self-study periods, peer coaching and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Student evaluation is done through classroom assignments and course-end examinations.

ICF credentials acquired through ICF Accredited Coach Training Program

  • ● ICF accredited coach training program is the fastest pathway to gain ICF credentials. On completion of 60 hours of training, coaches can acquire ACC credentials or Associated Certified Coach credentials by applying to ICF.
  • On completion of 125 hours of accredited coach training programs, student coaches acquire Professional Certified Coach credentials by applying to ICF.

Advantages of Accredited Coach Training Program

  1. Virtual online classes: This sought-after ICF-backed coach training program, ACTP runs online making it easy to enrol from any corner of the world.  The completion of this program allows coaches to become qualified and accredited coaches.
  2. Trained by world-class coaches: The ICF Accredited Coach Training Program follows ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Trainees get coach training from experienced ICF Coaches. Under their guidance, students develop into professional coaches who can help their clients reach their potential in their professional life.
  3. ACC and / or PCC accreditation – The Accredited Coach Training Pathway or ACTP, enables coaches to first gain the ACC accreditation (Associate Certified Coach) The completion of the second part of the course enables ICF accredited ACC Coaches to qualify as PCC coaches (Professional Certified Coach). These accreditations mark coaches out as qualified professionals who are recognised by ICF, the largest body of coaches in the world.
  4. ICF membership and Free lifetime access to coaching resources: On acquiring ICF credential through the start-to-finish ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) coaches are granted ICF membership which allows them access to the extensive ICF library, passes to webinars and ICF events which help them in staying updated and even with upskilling.

For whom is the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program beneficial?

Research has shown that over 80% of clients state that they would like to work with Coaches who are accredited rather than those who do not have any coaching qualification. The ICF Accredited Coach Training Program is beneficial for anyone who wishes to become a qualified and accredited coach. The ACTP pathway is suitable for those with no coaching experience.

The flexibility of the ACTP program is such that even currently employed professionals and leaders who wish to use coaching in their current roles can gain accreditation using this pathway. It is amongst the most popular pathways to becoming a qualified Coach. The ICF Accredited Coach Training Program is therefore a program of choice for many aspiring coaches.

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