Here are a few things to know before you rent a car in Dubai

Here are a few things to know before you rent a car in Dubai

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Because of the high demand for car rental, many companies are investing in renting exotic cars in Dubai services. If you have never rented a car there, we recommend following some important tips. You need to know the driving rules and general policy about renting a car in the UAE. Here are some tips given below which you have to consider before going to rent luxury car in Dubai.

1. Do not ride outside the UAE

You cannot rent a car outside of the UAE. In other words, the rules and regulations prohibit rental cars outside the borders of the UAE. However, if you get permission from the authorities and follow the legal process, you will be allowed to take it out of the UAE.

2. Know the insurance policy

Another important thing is that you should be aware of your insurance policy. If the rental vehicle is damaged or lost, the insurance policy will not provide coverage for that vehicle. So you might want to ask the car owner about it.

3. You must have a registered license

If you want to drive in Dubai, you must have a registered license. However, if you have an international driver’s license, you do not need to obtain a UAE driver’s license. 

4. Deposit

In the UAE, most rental companies may ask you to pay a deposit before giving you the car keys. You can pay by credit card or hard cash.

5. Minimum age limit

The minimum age to drive in Dubai is at least 25 years old.

6. Read the accident policy

If you are involved in an accident while driving a rental car in Dubai, you must report it to the police immediately, especially if the vehicle is damaged. You may want to let the company know so they can fix the problem or you will have to pay for the loss.

7. Traffic fines

If you accidentally break traffic rules, you will have to pay the fine, not the rental company. 

8. Additional facility fee

If you are traveling by car with many features, the rental fee will be higher. So the more expensive luxury cars in Dubai come with a rental fee.

9. Read about company terms

 It can help you avoid common problems and enjoy hassle-free permissions. It is therefore a good idea to spend a few minutes reading policy documents.

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