Korean School Dramas


Even if you completed school a long time ago and decided to watch Korean dramas, you will think about your school days. They have the best dramas that will leave you wanting more. The growlers will make you miss your classmates and the experiences with such services as 123termpapers.com that you had while in school. The dramas will make you reminisce and laugh as you remember everything you went through while in school.

Moment of Eighteen 

The lead role is introverted and, at the same time, a nobody. He got forced to go to another school because of a wrong he did not do. He is a clever student and outgoing as well. He’s going through a lot of pressure that comes from her mum. The mother wants him to join the best university in Korea where he will get the best education.

Dream High 

It talks about the lives of six learners. They aspire to do great things in the entertainment industry. They are all talented but still face numerous challenges. They strive so that they can survive and make it in the industry.


It is about characters who share a similar name Ha-na. They are trying to discover themselves thoroughly as they turn eighteen years old. The first Hana is very confident but ordinary. The second one is loved in school, gets a lot of favors but is very insecure. They have friends in school, and together they try to explore. They try to learn about friendships and try to fall in love for the first time. They try to be unique as much as they can so that everything falls into place. Each episode goes for eleven minutes. It is short and sweet, and that is what excites people. It is great to watch when you are bored and want to have a wonderful time.

Love Alarm 

It is basically about love. It is a drama that has both passion and heartbreaks. That makes it more interesting because you get to enjoy both the happy and sad sides. It is a drama that has a love triangle that makes it interesting.

Sassy, Go Go 

It talks about the leader of a dance club. The group has members that do not perform well in class. The lead actors lead a club that only accepts students who perform well in school.

Who Are You 

It is the first leading role of Kim So-Hyun. The drama talks about twins that got separated when young. The first twin lives in an orphanage and gets bullied now and again. The other twin is living a flamboyant life and attends a prestigious school. It is a drama of fate. The rich twin loses all her memory and exchanges identity with the poor twin. He goes ahead and regains her memory only to get bullied. She gets to experience what the other twin feels daily. In life, things can change. You can have a good life today, then tomorrow everything changes. The poor twin got to have a wonderful life. A life that she has wished for the longest time.

Even though they all are fun, you can always use them as parts of a research paper.

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