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A complete guide about Kyla Wayans and her family

A brief introduction to Kyla Wayans and her family

Who is Kyla Wayans?

Kyla Wayans is the daughter of actor Damon Wayans. She was a star on one of her dad’s television shows. Her mother is Elvira Wayans, a member of the legendary comedy show In Living Color and a sister to Keenan Ivory Wayans. Kyla was born on January 12, 1986, in New York City. She is Damon’s first child from his first marriage with Lisa Thorner. He had met Lisa while he was still working as a stand-up comedian. She was his girlfriend until they got married when Kyla was two years old.

Later after eleven years, they divorced in 1997 because of irreconcilable differences before moving to Los Angeles together with their daughter, where Damon worked in the second season of In Living Color.

What do you know about Kyla’s mother?

Kyla’s mother, Elvira, is a famous actress who has worked in films like Scary Movie 3 and White Chicks, written by her brother Keenen Ivory Wayans. She is currently working on her screenplay called ‘Taken Up’ after quitting acting for years because of his diabetic condition. Damon’s other siblings are Kim Wayans, an actress, writer, producer, and director. While Shawn Wayans was an actor known for films like I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Little Man, Scary Movie 1 & 2, both written by Keenen Ivory Wayans, etc.

Elvira and Damon met while he was working on the television show In Living Color. In 1986, the couple got married. At the same time, he was still working as a stand-up comedian. They gave birth to their only daughter. Damon Wayans and Kyla Wayans were in New York City 11 years after they divorced.

Divorce of Kyla Wayans’ parents

Kyla Wayans’ parents got divorced when she was two years old. As a result, she was unable to remember their marriage. However, they remembered that the divorce was discussed each time one of them brought a new member into the family. Additionally, Elvira said that it did not bother her that her parents split up. Her sense of who she is didn’t change despite Damon’s affair with another woman, Alex, which soured their relationship over the years.

Kyla, who has her mother’s looks, is an American actress and comedian known for starring in her father’s television show called My Wife and Kids. Since her first appearance on-screen during the 2003 season of Daman Wayans’ sitcom. She has gone on to play roles in other TV series, including Drake & Josh, CSI. She also appeared as Denise Porter in The Underground alongside Queen Latifah and other movies like White Chicks, The Perfect Holiday, and loads of short films.

Kyla’s Father As A Motivated Individual

Her father encouraged Kyla to act at a young age by enrolling his kid into acting workshops from where they both found out that she had a talent on screen. Though Kyla was initially shy and wanted to be a doctor until her father encouraged her, she then started acting. Damon knew that he had something special in his daughter. She displayed confidence when onset after several auditions. Although she was called back, she didn’t make it as an actress except for My Wife & Kids.

From 2003 to 2005, she starred as Kyra Williams on many episodes of the show. Kyla enjoys a good relationship with her dad, whom she credits for being more of a friend than a father. She says that he lets her be herself, unlike other fathers who want their daughter to grow up to be perfect little ladies. This has led to them working together on several projects apart from just acting.

Kyla Wayans As An Author

Kyla is also an author, having released her first children’s book, “Larry the Cucumber,” which she co-wrote with Andre Hudson. It tells the story of a bit of cucumber who likes to play dress-up and gets into mischief. Every time he leaves the house, his mother becomes worried. There are other titles like Noodle & Lou by Kia Michelle. It was developed by Kyla as a TV series as well as several others which you can check on her website if interested in reading the

Kyla and Damon co-wrote a book published in 2017 called “Hey, Let’s Fill the Bathtub With Grandma” where they share stories about their special bond with each other. Kym Whitley starred as the elf helping to restore the true meaning to Kyla’s life after her grandmother passed away in 2012’s A Naughty Christmas Story. The film shows that even though you’ve gone ahead, you leave behind a lot of wonderful memories worth celebrating.

Kyla Wayans: Social Media

She has been actively participating in various social media sites to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She lives life to the fullest being a single woman at this age has gone through much already in just a few years. She has been able to ignore all the rumors about her being a lesbian and that she is dating Lil Wayne.

Some essential facts about Kyla Wayans

  • She is an actress, writer, producer, and author. Despite her young age, she has achieved a lot of success, winning several awards along the way. Even though she had a rough time in her life that you can read about if you’re interested.  
  • Helping others in similar situations has been possible for her. Who wants to see what she can do as an actress and how good she is.
  • With a golden heart, she is a beautiful woman. Everyone would wish they had a daughter like her. You cannot ask for anything more than love, care, and attention. It doesn’t matter who we talk about with her, whether Lil Wayne or someone else close to her.
  • After meeting at the Shawn Carter Foundation’s charity event, Kyla began dating Lil Wayne in 2011. The couple has been together ever since, despite their differences in age and race. Even though he is still young and she is in her 40s, they seem happy together.
  •  Lil Wayne’s girlfriends live under the same roof as her. It seems they are taking their relationship to a new level, which most of his fans don’t like.



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