Learning How to Learn


Electronics or good old fashioned pen and paper? What is better for the young minds that are growing and developing at a very fast rate? Even though technology has developed significantly, many schools and teachers have kept the same projects and curriculum throughout the ever changing years of technology. Lap books have become one of the best resources for all types of curriculum. Lap books are hands on, get creative juices flowing, and do not require a lot of time, money or stress. Here you can learn about how to make a lap book and print a free template. 

The Foundational Fundamentals

Reading is essential because if you cannot read you will have trouble learning any other subject. There is a textbook for just about any subject, but you have to be able to read it. Reading for leisure can also help develop ideas, mindset, creativity, etc. Learning to read is not ideal on a tablet but it can be done. Most kids learn to read by first being read to. Reading can be done on any surface these days. Reading on a kindle is going to serve the same purpose as reading a paper book. However, the projects associated with reading should be hands on and fun. Lapbooks are a great way to dissect all the important information in a book. 

Technology Do’s and Don’ts

Technology surely can help make our lives easier, but they are not necessarily the best way to learn. While it is important for students to become acquainted with technology and know how to use it, there are huge benefits to traditional styles of teaching. Elementary aged students especially need more of a hands-on and creative outlet. 

Here are a few examples of when you should use technology. 

  • Finding templates, lesson plans, etc don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Teach students how to use office programs such as word, powerpoint and excel
  • Research for essays, reports and projects

Here are a few examples of when not to use technology.

  • In place of art projects- children should learn to draw and color
  • In place of recess time and entertainment- children should be outside
  • In place of playing or interacting with classmates in person

What Works

There is a fair amount of research on how children learn best. It takes a variety of senses to solidify learning of the most fundamental subjects that children need to remember throughout their lives. Being engaged on a screen, computer, or tablet of any kind is putting our minds into a state of hypnosis. Although children love them, they are not the best form of education for young growing minds. It’s not to say that technology doesn’t have its place and should never be offered to children. When it comes to learning it is essential to do what is best for children which is utilizing a variety of senses. Having a teacher or adult around is also pertinent to children being able to ask questions and get the help and clarification they need. 


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