Cleaning 101: Learning The Art Of Mopping Like Professionals

Spring Cleaning

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Every responsible homeowner out there loves to keep his or her house clear. Even though vacuuming & sweeping will help you eliminate dirt from your beautiful floors, there will always be the requirement to mop your floors. Mopping your floors not only help in preventing the build-up of grime but also provide you with a sense of cleanliness satisfaction. 

While the process of mopping with a mop bucket is indeed simple, there are still some tips & tricks that we want to share to make your task easier & quicker to complete. So, without wasting any further moments, let’s dive into the suggestions. 

The Basics Of Mopping 

Always Clear The Area That You’ll Mop

Before you start with your mopping process, you must perform some preparation beforehand. Start by removing all furniture such as chairs, tables and other items that can get in your way when mopping. Ensure that you’ll be able to reach every spot on your floor. 

If you find your furniture to be dirty while moving, you can proceed to clean it as well. Once you finish your mopping process, be sure to wait for a few minutes before the floor dries up. After the floor is dry, you can place your furniture back to where they were before. 

Don’t Forget To Sweep The Floor Before Mopping

While you may feel that this step is redundant, it does matter a lot. Sweeping will help in eliminating most of the dirt & debris, which will make your mopping process easier. If you don’t sweep your rooms before you mop, you’ll then have to work double-time because not only do you have to eliminate the dirt & debris, but also make your floors look cleaner.

So, it’d be wise to simply sweep the floors and make your mopping job a little less challenging. 

Use LukeWarm Water For Mopping

Once you’ve completed the sweeping task and you’re ready to mop the floor, you can proceed to mix your cleaner with a bucket of warm water. Ensure that you fill your mop bucket only 3/4th so that your mop can be completely submerged into the water, without the water droplets splashing around. 

Using warm water will help in killing bacteria & germs, present on the floor. As a result, you’ll be able to promote better hygiene among your family members and fend off any diseases. 

Always Mop In Small Sections

When you mop in small sections, it’ll be easier for you to eliminate grime & debris quickly. Try to break up your entire floor space into two or three sections and then proceed to mop them one by one. 

Such a practice will make sure that the mopping process remains 100 percent effective, with no additional effort. 

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