How Long Can You Stay on Your Parents’ Car Insurance?


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If you’re like most people in the United States, you probably got your driver’s license at 16 years old. And then, you likely didn’t have to worry about car insurance, let alone have your own policy. Because you were riding on your parent’s plan, the subject of premiums and insurers likely never even crossed your mind.

But if you’re no longer a younger driver, or you’re no longer dependent on your parents, it may be time to reevaluate and consider getting your own auto insurance policy. If you already have your own car, it’s a good idea to start with the following questions and answers.

What happens to your car insurance when you move out?

What happens to your car insurance when you move out?

Let’s say that you’ve finally flown the coop, and you’re living on your own. You’re sitting on your IKEA bed frame, and suddenly, harrowing questions cross your mind: “Can you be on your parents car insurance if you don’t live with them? Can you still have your family’s insurance coverage even though you live at a different address?” Whether you’re a young adult or a college student, you may be wondering if your parents’ car insurance still applies to you. College students can sigh in relief because going to school means you are technically still dependent on your family. Even if you live at college for the better part of the year, your parents’ policy recognizes that your permanent address is still at your parent’s home. If you move out of state, no longer qualify as their dependent, and don’t even share the same ZIP code, it may be time to consider looking for your own car insurance policy. A great place to start for your first time looking at auto insurance is comparison sites like

Is there an age limit for staying on your parent’s car insurance?

In short, the answer is no. Luckily, auto insurance policy differs from health insurance in that sense. Your protection doesn’t just cut off the year you turn 26. And technically, there isn’t an age limit to staying on your parent’s car insurance policy at all. In fact, there may be some perks to staying on theirs instead of getting your own insurance. But keep in mind most insurers drop premiums significantly once you reach a certain age. Typically, car insurance premiums tend to decrease around the age of 25. There are also other circumstances where insurers might deny your claims and ask you to get your own policy.

Can you stay on your parent’s car insurance policy after getting married?

This is one of the situations in which insurers may enforce getting a new policy with your partner or spouse. But that assumes you don’t live with your parents after getting married. In the case you do still live with your parents, you and your spouse may qualify to stay on your parent’s insurance. But it will depend on the company and their rules for a family policy. It would be a good idea to check with the insurance company beforehand.

The subject of auto insurance is one that every adult needs to familiarize themselves with at one point or another. While there’s no official cutoff age for staying on your parent’s insurance, getting your own insurance policy is something you’ll eventually have to do. If you’re concerned about the cost of car insurance, there are plenty of avenues for you to find the lowest rate. allows you to compare the pros and cons of individual policies. You will learn how to save money and have the chance to review different quotes. Knowing exactly where to start, finding the ideal insurance company, and getting the right coverage puts you in the driver’s seat.


For many young adults, staying on their parent’s car insurance can be a financial lifesaver. However, there comes the point when one must transition to their own policy. This article will explore the factors determining how long one can stay on their parent’s car insurance.

Age: Most car insurance companies allow young drivers to stay on their parent’s policy until they reach the age of 26. This rule applies to all unmarried children, regardless of their living situation. If you are 26 or older, you will need to find your own policy.

Residence: If you are a college student or living away from home, you may still be covered by your parents’ car insurance. However, this can vary depending on the insurance company and state laws. Some states require you to have your own policy if you live more than a certain distance from your parents’ home.

Driving Record: Your driving record can also impact how long you can stay on your parent’s car insurance. If you have a poor driving record, your parents’ insurance company may not want to continue covering you. Similarly, if you get into an accident, your parents’ premiums may go up, which could prompt them to drop you from their policy.

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