How is Ludo Game Gaining Popularity Among Other Online Games?

How is Ludo Game Gaining Popularity Among Other Online Games?
How is Ludo Game Gaining Popularity Among Other Online Games?

When the world was on its track, and everybody was going through their fast-paced routined lifestyles, that’s when the pandemic hit. Nobody had suspected it, but the spread of COVID-19 struck us with a shocking reality. Everybody’s life came to a sudden halt. People had to restrict their lives to only their homes as governments worldwide began imposing lockdowns. Ludo Game Gaining Popularity.

Now, as everybody was locked up inside their homes, people started getting bored of their mundane lifestyles. Working from home and online classes became an everyday chore that everybody wanted to take a break from and that break came in the form of ludo. The ultimate game-changer in this situation was online Ludo multiplayer games. 

When ludo could be played at your home with your friends and family from outside, nothing could stop ludo from becoming one of the most played games during the lockdown period. But what are the factors that made it the most popular among other online games? Let’s find out below.

Easy to Play

Ludo is such a game that it does not require any skill whatsoever. The rules of this game are as easy as pie, and everybody knows it. The best factor about this game is the uncertainty. You have no idea what numbers are going to come when you roll the ludo dices. The game moves forward on luck and probability, and even if you play your cards very well, things can go against you, and you could lose. This makes the game very easy and exciting with friends and family. 

Brought Friends and Families Closer

As we talked about it before, the pandemic had restricted us to our homes and barred us from going outside and meeting our friends and relatives. That is when the online multiplayer ludo game came into play. This game could be played between children and their grandparents or family and relatives across the world, no matter where they lived. The ability of this game to bring friends and family closer, being a multiplayer game, made it a massive hit among youngsters and the older generation all alike. Also, people from different parts of the world could play this game and make friends with strangers around the globe. 


Ludo was originally a board game that many people around the world played with friends and family. It recently became a huge sensation as a multiplayer online game. Previously it used to be one of the best childhood memories of the 90s generation. Therefore, the older generation had a nostalgic feeling while playing the game, which made it even more fun for them. Not every multiplayer online game can provide the same nostalgic experience as ludo, which is why ludo became this huge sensation that it is today.

Ending Note

At the end of the day, having fun in our leisure time is the only expectation that we want from an online game. Bonus points if they are a multiplayer game and helps bring friends and family closer during these dark times of the pandemic. So, play ludo game online with your friends and family to have a great time and reminisce the nostalgic memories of childhood.

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