Made In India Gifts: How The Trend Is Increasing

Made In India Gifts

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Gifts have always been an integral part of any occasion or special event. Along with the decor and the reason behind the celebration, no special day can be deemed as complete without these bundles of joy. Made in India gifts are essentially a token of love and appreciation that warms the heart of both, the giftee and the gifter. They are symbolic of love and care and tend to bring people closer. Many times they are the reason new bonds bloom into something special. Gifts are the perfect example of “

What is “Made in India” ?

“Made in India” is a very common term that you will often find engraved on the tags of various objects or clothing articles. This 3 word term is essentially included to establish an identity that the said product was manufactured in our Motherland, India, and also gives the consumers abroad a chance to identify the product’s Indian origin. This trend or program, is closely related to the “Make in India” initiative, which encourages the Indian market to manufacture our own products rather than getting them imported into the country from outside. For a product to be identified as a “Made in India” product, it is important that it must be manufactured in India. This programme is basically a noble initiative encouraged to promote domestic manufacturers to produce goods in India and make India self reliant.

While the trend started as a conscious effort to bring the concentration of the shoppers back towards the products made in India, contrary to popular belief, the shift was not a very hard one to carry out. Here are few reasons why Made in India gifts online are trending at a high pace:

1.  They are rich in class

Made in India is a very inspirational trend that is rising at an increasing speed with every passing day. They are unique in nature and capture the classic Indian culture in them. If you are a fan of India’s rich culture, art, and heritage. While products made elsewhere are somewhat very unoriginal and repetitive in nature which disrupts the element of sophistication. On the other hand, made in India projects are exceptionally rich in culture and increase the value of your decor. Classy is the one trend that continues to stay in fashion for ages, objects made in India offer you the chance to enjoy this feature and hence, it contributes to their increasing popularity!

2.  They are mostly Organic in nature and Eco-friendly

With the increasing pollution level that is depreciating the quality of our environment at an alarming rate, it has become the need of the hour to divert to alternate eco-friendly options. The important thing to remember is that it is our duty as responsible citizens to take care of the environment and invest in sustainable products to ensure a better future for the coming generation. After the launch of the made in India initiative, the significant shift of the consumers from imported goods to the one made in our homeland was comparatively easier and and still happening at a very high rate because of the organic and eco-friendly nature of the products made in India. If one looks at this concept from the eye of an outsider, Indian procyts are often handmade and use no synthetic raw materials to produce fine products. While a significant chance was much necessary, made in India products offer everyone an easy way out, and this is why the trend is growing everyday.

3.  They bring in a patriotic feel

India has a sad history of being infiltrated by foreign companies and organizations that gain a monopoly over our in house markets. From the Mughals to the Britishers, India has faced various foreign disruptions that rendered the Indian manufacturers and producers helpless, sidelining the products that were authentically made in India. Unfortunately, a similar is emerging in the Indian market and in order to stop history from repeating itself every citizen of this beautiful country is consciously trying to contribute in the shift from foreign made products to made in India products. While the products are of course remarkable and one of a kind, another big reason for this popular trend is the devotion towards the country and the general patriotic feeling to ensure freedom over our market.

4.  Exceptional craftsmanship and reliability

While shopping, at the end of the thing the one thing that matters the most to the consumer is the reliability of the product and the way it was manufactured. Why would you as a buyer want to invest into a product that won’t last even a week even after you spend a significant amount of money on it. One of the biggest reasons why made in India products are trending increasingly is because of the fine craftsmanship that goes behind curating the products and the amazing quality of the products. Products made in India are created by using extremely reliable material that extends their lifespan in comparison to products made elsewhere.

5.  Totally worth buying!

When one goes out in the market, you are bound to find a number of varieties of the same product. While type number 1 will have some exceptional qualities, type number 2 will have something else that is special. The bottom line is that finding all these qualities in one single product is frankly very difficult for a person. Products made in India prove this mentality wrong because they are like this complete package available at very reasonable prices. This makes them even more desirable and totally worth buying!

As conscious shoppers of this incredible country, it is our duty to contribute to this noble cause and take advantage of the initiative by investing in Made in India products by our in house producers like Oye is your one stop online shop that gives you the chance to buy authentic made in India gifts online. Become a part of this programme and experience the real pleasure!

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