Maid Sama Usui and Misaki: All you need to know

Maid sama usui and misaki

Maid Sama is an anime series. That is adapted from the manga of the same title by Hiro Fujiwara. Produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Hiroaki Sakurai. In this article, you’ll learn all about Maid Sama Usui and Misaki’s relationship. Maid Sama follows the relationship and romance between Misaki Ayuzawa, the female student council president of Seika High School. And Takumi Usui is mysterious and the most popular boy at Seika High School. Who knows that Misaki secretly works part-time at a maid café to support her family.

The anime was released in Japan from April 1 to September 23, 2010, on the Tokyo Broadcasting System. And was later simulcast three days later after the Japanese airing in Asia from April 4 to September 26, 2010, on Animax Asia with English subtitles.

In North America, The Anime Network started streaming the series via their online player on June 15 and distributed it via video on demand on August 5, 2010. Sentai Film works give license to this series in North America. Animax Asia’s English adaptation aired in Southeast Asia from November 25, 2010, to December 30, 2010

Misaki Ayuzawa:

The character of the story, Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at Seika High. She is a 16-year-old girl. She is known for her extremely bossy and strict attitude towards boys. And relentless attempts to reform them to live up to what she considers are acceptable standards of behavior.

Though many of the male students fear and hate her. The ones who get to know that she is actually very fair. And willing to help anyone who needs it. She eventually becomes widely respected for her good grades, her great athletic skill, and her many accomplishments as president.

The attitude of Misaki towards boys:

Her negative attitude towards males is mostly attributed to her father amassing a huge debt and then disappearing. Misaki became determined to make sure her sickly and helpless mother. Minako would not have to work so hard to support both Misaki and her younger sister, Suzuna. After her father left, she studied hard and learned martial arts, and became Seika’s president.

Job of misaki in maid sama:

To this extent, she secretly, and at first reluctantly, works as a maid-waitress at Café Maid Latte. Misaki is always driven to do her best. And she has a strong sense of justice. Though she also has a tendency to be too selfless for her own good. At Café Maid Latte, Misaki is called “Misa-Chan” by her co-workers and customers. Misaki was the most passionate about her job. When she was dressed as a male and appealing to women. She would like a guy like herself.

Despite her initial annoyance towards Usui and her belief that his interest in her stems. From being the only one who knows she works as a maid-waitress, she is in love with him. However, Misaki always denies her feelings for him and becomes awkward whenever a potentially intimate moment arises between them. In chapter 57, she eventually confesses her feelings for him and they become a couple. Though secretly at Misaki’s insistence to preserve her reputation as the student council president.

When Usui reveals that he is to transfer to Miyabigaoka. She openly reveals their relationship with the students at Seika High. Despite the potential damage, it may cause to her appearance. When told that Usui will go to England. Misaki is shocked. But keeps her composure and openly accepts his choice. After Usui stops texting her from England. She seeks the help of the Miyabigaoka High School President, Tora Igarashi, for a way to travel to him.

The deal between Maid Sama Usui and Misaki:

The deal between the two is for Misaki to travel to see Usui. But in return she must tell Usui to not cut all ties between himself and the Walker Family; benefiting Igarashi in him being in contact with a person of noble blood such as Usui. Usui and Misaki reunite in England and return home to Japan to finish out their high school years. Misaki and Usui got engaged in chapter 81. And in chapter 85, Misaki becomes a diplomat/lawyer. While Usui becomes a respected doctor. They got married.

Takumi Usui:

The most popular male student in Seika High, Takumi Usui is a 17-year-old boy. Who appears to take little interest in anything and prefers to observe things as they unfold. He has blond hair, which he inherited from his mother, and is extremely handsome. Because of that, a few boys at Seika High are infatuated with him solely.

He also inexplicably wears glasses only at home. Usui proves to be extraordinarily talented in a number of different fields. He inherited it from his talented father. Including cooking, the violin, chess, martial arts, and table etiquette. He also gets excellent grades and is an excellent athlete. As he has been shown to be very good at soccer, table tennis, baseball, volleyball, and fencing). However, he reveals very few details about his past willingly.

Do Usui and Misaki date?

He has taken an interest in Misaki because she stands out from everyone else and her hard work makes her unique. He expresses his feelings mainly by teasing her. To see her funny expressions he passes abnormal comments(a trait he got from his mother). And she nicknames him “perverted outer-space alien” as a running gag in the series is Misaki wondering. Whether Usui is even human. When he comes out relatively unscathed from a fall that would mortally injure someone on spot. Usui was also the first Seika student to discover Misaki’s maid secret. And even though he is concerned about her risky work habits.

She brushes it off as him wanting to blackmail her. As he has been in love with Misaki since the first time they met. He dislikes it and becomes jealous. Though he has trouble expressing it, whenever other boys get her attention, including Shintani and Tora.


Maid Sama is an anime series that is based on a romantic story. This series is very popular among the audience due to its funny scenes. A huge audience admired and appreciated this series. The relationship between Maid Sama Usui and Misaki made the series awesome.

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Is Usui a royalty?

Takumi is actually a part of a large noble family in Britain. His last name is actually Walker, the name of his father.

In which chapter do Usui and Misaki start dating?

Kaichou’s Maid Sama Misaki and Usui started dating in chapter 57.


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