Make Pool Time Silly with Funny Floats

Make Pool Time Silly with Funny Floats

The chill is finally leaving the air, which means Summer fun will be here in no time. If you are like most people you can not wait for summertime. Longer days mean more time to enjoy the fun in the sun. Time to start planning vacations and getting the pool ready.

Once the weather starts to warm up, it is like we all awake from our hibernation. Suddenly, kids start playing outside again and the parks are full. It is time to start planning fun family outings like hiking and camping. If you have a pool it is also time to start getting it ready for summer. If you don’t have a pool it’s time to get excited about going to the pool.

Pool Time

Spending long days at the pool is always fun. Make sure that you remember to put on sunscreen and reapply regularly or the next day will not be fun at all. A bad sunburn is not a good way to end a pool day so be cautious and remember that sunscreen. If you want to spend all day at the pool, make sure you bring supplies.

Make sure that you have plenty to drink for yourself and anyone else that is with you. Unless you plan on ordering food or having a pizza delivered, you will want to make sure to pack plenty of snacks and something for lunch. Everyone will need to have towels and their suits as well. If you are going to a pool that has umbrellas and chairs that is one less thing to worry about but don’t forget the most important thing you need for a fun pool day…

Pool Floats

Don’t forget your pool floats. It seems no matter how old you get, pool floats are always a necessity in the pool. As fun as swimming is just lounging around is a big part of spending the day at the pool. There are few things that beat a chair pool float with your favorite frozen cocktail in the cupholder. Enjoying that while watching everyone else enjoy themselves is just a certain kind of nirvana you only know after you experience it.

Kids always have so much fun with floats. They love to wrestle over them and flip each other out of them. Many kids love to try to jump and dive through them too. Kids are so creative and can entertain themselves for hours with afloat. Children will even get on floats and pretend they are in a battle with the other floats. This is especially entertaining when the kids also have water guns.

Another fun thing kids love to do with floats is to take a ring float and use it as a basketball goal. This lets the kids stay entertained for hours so remember to throw a beach ball in your pool supplies. They will aim and try to throw that ball into the float for hours and you can enjoy your cocktail in peace.

Funny Pool Floats

If you want to upgrade your pool game and help give everyone a laugh invest in a funny pool float. You can find so many silly pools floats online. If you want to float around on a huge banana peel you can. Do you want a float that is a total flashback? Why not float around on a retro cell phone? You can float on an inflatable jet ski if you want. There are even pink convertible floats that look like a 57 Chevy. Choosing one of these floats really increases the giggles you can get out of others at the pool. Now that you know that you can up your game with funny pool floats, you can be the jokester of the pool all summer long. Just get online and you can find anything your heart desires. Summer is approaching fast so you better decide on a float now so you can have as long as possible so you have all summer to make great memories.


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