How to make your living room walls look luxurious

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As much as it feels great to have a home-like the one our social media is filled with, decorating a living room like that isn’t easy. Not only does it require hours and hours of planning and work, but it also needs money, lots of it actually.

Honestly, most people are ready to spend that much on arms and legs, because they look at it as an investment. And that is the reason, the interior designing industry is expected to grow at the rate of 8.5% between the years 2019-2024.

Apart from that, there is a high percentage of people that have budget restraints when it comes to decorating their house. But the good news is, there are fairly good options available in the market that can be tried to give a more luxurious and elegant look to your house.

Here are some of them.

1. Include decorative molding

The best way to add a luxurious texture to your walls is by including decorative molding designs.

It adds a beautiful touch of details to the walls and the best part, it doesn’t hurt your pockets. That’s right, if you are a designer or just know how to create good patterns, you can DIY it over the weekend.

However, if you don’t, it would be a better choice to hire a professional to do this, it’s still relatively low cost and worth the investment.

Additional tip: For a more elegant and sophisticated look, get your design moldings to match the color of the walls.

2. Display antiques

A beautiful set of antiques definitely adds an elegant touch to the living room area rather than just installing modern furniture from the big-box stores.

In fact, solely opting for modern furniture for sure makes the house look modern but not luxurious. So, it’s better to have some contrasting antiques displayed in the living room such as a brass antique mirror, a good old storage box, a candle holder, or a brass vase.

Such pieces of decoration come with a story and all of them will always conclude with one end, “this is perfect for your house”

So, head to your nearest thrift stores and keep an eye out. You’ll find a good collection there.

3. Hang large scale arts

You can save small arts for your bathroom and bedrooms and go for higher-end large-scale arts for your living rooms. The reason for this is, small frames tend to look clustered on the living room walls, whereas large-scale frames enhance the focal point of the living room.

That being said, it’s natural to think that large-scale pieces are costlier to buy. But that’s not the case. There are so many prints available online but if you are really looking for something that gives off the minimal vibes, you can check out

You can download and print them on a large matt for a glassy or matt finish and that’s it. Now your living room feels serene and complete.

4. Don’t ignore the lights

Lighting is the one factor that can instantly take your house to the next level with a click. Even when you have minimal decor, good lighting can really enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living space.

So, just throw out any kind of dim, bland lights you have in your room and opt for bright LED lights. There are so many ideal options to choose from, but make sure you avoid neon lights, unless you are really sure about it.

Instead, you can buy different frame patterns such as hexagon or cubical to ensure that the living is always prim and proper for the evening and sets the mood perfectly.

5. When in doubt, go monochrome

One of the most prominent reasons why most people go monochrome these days is adaptability.

Monochrome design and decor give a timeless, sophisticated, and elegant look. And you can pair it perfectly with different furniture of various textures. This leaves the living space feeling modern and still vintage.

Also, if you have a thing for details, make sure to have fresh flowers or plants in your living room. It not only increases the overall look of the space but also induces a feeling of freshness, which is missed in most living spaces.

Put a small bouquet of peonies in your antique brass vase and just see for yourself what magic it does.

Over to you…

Decorating your house shouldn’t be expensive at all, especially in today’s time when everything is available to us so easily. With these tips, I am sure you will be able to create a beautiful living space that defines luxury at its best.

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