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7 Factors To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator
7 Factors To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are an indispensable part of modern commercial infrastructure. They function as an emergency or a secondary power source. Their importance is profound, and many industries cannot operate in power outages without a diesel generator. Hospitals, movie theatres, warehouses, and manufacturing companies would be left crippled without adequate arrangements for an emergency power source in the form of diesel generators. 

There are different types of diesel generators, and they come in different sizes to cater to both small and large companies. However, one should keep several factors in mind before purchasing a diesel generator. These factors will help you select the most appropriate diesel generator fulfilling your requirements.

Here are seven key factors to keep in mind before purchasing a diesel generator


Since diesel generators come in different sizes, it is prudent to check the space available at the premises. The total load on the generator determines its appropriate size, and in some instances, you may have to clear space within the premises to accommodate the generator. Furthermore, the frequency and duration of power outages will also influence the size of your generator.

Environmental Compliance 

Environmental regulations have become significantly stringent, especially on diesel-powered engines. Generally, diesel generators are notorious for polluting emissions. Thus, choosing a diesel generator that complies with regulatory requirements is wise. A generator that produces pollutants beyond the granted limits poses a health risk and will land you in a land of trouble with the regulatory authorities. 


Power Output

Diesel generators are available in various power outputs and are classified accordingly. For instance, a 3 kVA diesel generator can be used to operate power tools or appliances like computers, ACs, and multiple ceiling fans. These generators are mostly suitable for small shops, offices, and houses. On the other hand, a 2,000 kVA diesel generator is more suitable for big industries with high power demand. 

Noise Levels

Diesel generators are infamous for high noise; thus, they are one of those factors you cannot overlook. Generally, portable diesel generators produce more noise than stationary generators. Hence, if you choose to station the generator outdoors, ensure it is far away from the building to avoid disturbances. However, if you decide to place the generator inside, ensure you have a soundproofed room. 


As discussed in the previous point, a diesel generator could be stationary or portable. If the use of a generator is occasional, mostly in emergency cases, it is better to purchase a portable generator. However, buying a stationary generator would be a wise decision if the generator is used as a secondary power source. 

Fuel Efficiency 

Fuel efficiency is perhaps the most critical factor when purchasing a diesel generator.  With the rising fuel cost perhaps this is the most determining feature while selecting a Genset. Engines with higher power-to-weight ratios are more fuel efficient.  


The diesel generator manufacturer is another essential factor one needs to consider. Moreover, the diesel engine inside the generator is the whole and soul of generators. Thus, choosing a generator with an engine from a reputed manufacturer is important. Search for a trusted brand with an impressive history of achievements and great customer satisfaction. Besides, branded diesel generators receive good warranties and excellent customer service. 


Final Thought

Buying a diesel generator is a hefty investment; thus, conducting thorough market research is necessary. The best way to do this is to look for client testimonials, case studies, and customer reviews to make an informed purchase. If you want to buy a diesel generator, choose one with Baudouin’s dg engine. 

Baudouin is a legacy brand and has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality diesel and gas engines for power generators for the last 100 years. Baudouin engines are CPCB II norms compliant and are geared to provide the most reliable superior performance. 

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