5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Installing A Hot Water System

5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Installing A Hot Water System
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A Hot Water System like Hot Water Heroes is a necessity for all households, and its installation can be a tedious process. It requires a significant amount of time and is a complicated process. Your hot water system should provide a steady and reliable hot water supply to your home. 

While hot water system installation on the Sunshine Coast or repairs, small details are often overlooked, and even the slightest mistake can cost you a lot of money to repair. 

We will be talking about some of the details you should keep in mind and the following are the tips:-

Don’t underestimate the amount of hot water you need:

  • You must select the correct size of the water heater as an undersized water heater can impact your electricity cost by raising them. Hence, you must calculate your water needs correctly. You should calculate the amount of hot water you need during the busiest time and select the water heater with the required capacity. Once installed, the process of re-installation can be tedious. 

Avoid soldering the fittings too close to the water heater:

  • It is a widespread mistake, especially during D-I-Y projects. Soldering the fittings too close to the heater tank might melt the dip-tube or plastic fittings, leading to some severe damage. So, it is advised that the fittings must be attached to maintain a safe distance.
  • Check if the piping metals are compatible: If the piping metals of the water heater and the connection pipes aren’t the same, it might cause electric or corrosive damage, eventually leading to leakage. 

Go through the installation instructions correctly:

  • Not going through the instruction manual properly is a common mistake that one should avoid. The installation guides are mentioned to protect your house from damage. So, it is crucial to go through the manual correctly and take some notes. Even a single step can result in a significant accident, missing even a single step, irrespective of how small or insignificant it is. For example, if you don’t strap your water heater, it will cause flooding, which allows the growth of molds. 
  1. Avoid installing the water heater at inaccessible spots: Finding the correct space to install the heater can often become a problem. But it is an important step. Here are some tips :
  2. Place it at a distance of 20 feet from the crawlspace or doorway.
  3. Ensure that there is enough crawl space for a comfortable passage.
  4. Install a power switch in case of flooding for an electric heater. 
  5. Install it in a space with enough room to access during maintenance or repair.
  6. Avoid placing your heaters in a closeted space as they produce CO2 and are capable of poisoning your family. 


The other tips suggested by Hot Water Heroes that one should keep in mind include ensuring that the drain line is in the correct position, avoiding turning on the electric heater when empty, and checking if the T&P valves are appropriately connected. Besides this, the most important point is that you should never avoid hiring a skilled professional for the installation procedure.

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