Misconceptions About IVF


Infertility has become a common phenomenon these days, and from which many couples are
suffering. The main causes of infertility are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol
consumption, stress, etc.

Every one in five couples have fertility issues nowadays, but the advancement in technology,
procedure, and techniques in treatments has shown much success these days.

IVF, i.e., In Vitro Fertilization, has successfully treated patients and helped many parents
conceive and give birth to healthy babies. IVF is undoubtedly a successful treatment, but it is a
bit costly, so every person can’t bear the cost of the treatment. IVF cost in Delhi is a bit high for
many people. The treatment costs between Rs 25,000 to Rs 2,50,000 in Delhi.

The parents who take the help of IVF have a high success rate. The treatment has shown many
positive outcomes, even for many complex patients suffering from infertility issues. It provides
them with a ray of hope by helping them to conceive and helping them to become parents.
Therefore, it can be called one of the best treatments of any other infertility treatment with a high
success rate.

IVF has helped millions of patients achieve their dream families. Best IVF centers in Delhi, try
to provide the best treatment to every patient. Although this treatment has gained much
popularity, many misconceptions about IVF exist in many patients’ minds.
So, what are the misconceptions about IVF? Let’s discuss this in this article one by one.

Some Myths About IVF
It is known that IVF has gained popularity nowadays, but it has not gained so much popularity
that everyone will know about it. It has created misconceptions in the minds of many patients
due to a lack of knowledge about the treatment. So, now let’s discuss one by one some myths
about IVF.

1. Infertile Couples Only Visit IVF

Most times, IVF is used to help a woman who otherwise can’t conceive without medical
assistance. However, IVF is not only confined to the mother of a child. It can be chosen if any of
the partners have any genetic disorders as it could affect the baby’s health. In addition, it is
flexible, and anybody who desires to become a parent participates in pregnancy and labor
experiences. For example, same-sex couples may use IVF to create a baby using one partner’s
DNA. So, to benefit from IVF necessarily, it doesn’t require being infertile.

2. IVF Can Be Done At Any Age

The younger the person is, the chance of success is higher. At the age of 35, a woman’s fertility
declines due to the fall in the number and quality of her eggs; on the other hand, the males with
the increased age, their sperm quality and quantity also decrease. With the increase in age of
women, even with IVF, the women may not be able to produce enough eggs to create a healthy
embryo, or their uterus becomes too weak. The chances of success explained by the doctor are
mostly based on the age and health of the couple. So, if performed at an earlier age, the fertility
treatment has better success.

3. IVF Is The Only Solution If Couples Are Infertile

Until and unless the couples have genetic issues or are of the same sex, they need not visit IVF to
have a healthy baby. IVF is recommended when the couples have undergone complete fertility
evaluations. There are few fertility problems that certain surgeries or medications can cure. So,
being infertile doesn’t mean that they have to visit IVF.

4. Cancer Can Be The Caused By Fertility Drugs

Medications to stimulate ovulation and the release of multiple eggs can be rest assured to be
completely safe. Millions and millions of couples worldwide have used IVF to have a healthy
baby, but no studies have shown an increased risk of cancer or have caused cancer in the past
years since these couple’s treatment.

5. Every IVF Clinics Are Same

IVF clinics are not the same as different clinics have different infrastructure, use different
techniques, procedures have different specialized doctors, etc. Also, not every clinic has a
specialization in every area; they have specialties on their own such as a clinic with facilities
such as Testicular biopsy and donor egg cycle, whereas the other clinic may not have this facility.
So, it varies from clinic to clinic in their specialization and facilities.
Final Thoughts
So, some of the myths or misconceptions may be in patients’ irrelevant minds. So, to clear their
misconception, they may go to IVF Clinics or Centre’s to get the better information and also
clear their doubts and misconceptions and take the help of IVF in the right way and even clear
the doubts of others and also enable others to take the full help of IVF if required.


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