How Much Money Should You Save Before Visiting Los Angeles?

How Much Money Should You Save Before Visiting Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is one of the top vacation destinations in the country.  Not only do people love that they can walk amongst the rich and famous, but this also gives them the chance to see what it takes to become someone like that.

If you’re interested in seeing the city of stars: the price may shock you.

Lost Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the country, with some hotel rooms costing more than many peoples’ rent! However, it’s not impossible to stay here for a weekend, or even a full week, if you plan and save carefully.

Here’s how to decide on your budget. 

What Activities Do You Want to Try?

What parts of the city intrigue you the most?  Are you interested in the Hollywood Walk of Fame and getting to see famous people’s stars and signatures, or are you more interested in visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios?  Many parts of the city are completely free to visit, but many tourist attractions like the parks are expensive.  If you plan on spending a day in Disneyland, that’s already going to cost you over $100.  From here, the prices amp up further as you have to pay for food and drinks and any items you want to buy.  If you’re going to a park, it’s a good idea to add three hundred dollars per day, per person, to how much you have to save.

Do You Have a Taste for the Expensive?

Do you want the finer things in life?  Are you intrigued by expensive restaurants and beautiful high-class shops?  If so, you may have to plan and try to save up as much money as possible.  A fancy restaurant meal can run at least $200 per person in Los Angeles, depending on where and what you’re eating.  If you have kids, this might be the night to have a babysitter so that you don’t have to spend $75 on chicken nuggets. 

How Many People Are You Traveling With?

The more people you travel with, the more expensive your travels are.  If you’re traveling with five or more people, your budget might make you feel like it would be more affordable to look at Los Angeles homes for sale: but it’s not impossible to budget for this.  Look at how many people are traveling, what age groups they’re in, and what expenses each person will need.  If you’re flying with this many people, it’s also a good idea to keep your luggage costs as low as possible.

What Type of Hotel Are You Interested In?

Your hotel choice can make a huge difference!  You can still grab hotels for around $100 per night like you can in most other cities, but you have to be sure to know where to look.  It’s also important that you shop as early as possible so that if there’s a deal or sale, you can get in on it and lower your price even more. Finally, ensure that the hotel you pick is a safe one and a place that you can trust, but this is a great place to save as much money as possible.

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