Most Popular City In United Arab Emirate

Five Best Places of Dubai

Are you also in the most famous city in the UAE? You probably know that we are talking about Dubai city. Rent a car to see all attractive places through the link Range rover price in UAE.

Why Dubai City Is The Best Option For Tourism?

You will enjoy the different kinds of fun and games, outdoor activities, culture and theme tours, architectural buildings, museums, theme parks, and water parks in this city. In addition, you can also enjoy the Air, Helicopter, and balloon tours, private and custom tours, and culinary and gourmet tours.

If you are interested in shopping, again you are at the right place. This city is also famous for its world-class shopping malls and there is the world’s largest shopping mall in which you can easily find all your favorite branded items.

There is an observation deck and towers to see all the beautiful views from above. Don’t miss all these stunning views and use the observation deck.

Stunning Places For Visitors

If you are in Dubai or want to visit this city we will help you in exploring the most famous places of Dubai.

The World Highest 828 m Building

You can see the height of this building 828 m known as Burj Khalifa. There is no building on the earth that can compete with Burj Khalifa’s height. That is why millions of fans from all over the world come to see this building.

This magnificent building is not only that it is the tallest but there are also many other features hidden in it. Like the highest observation deck through which you can see the 360-degree view of Dubai city from above. Apart from this, this building contains the world’s fastest lift service.

The Dubai Fountain

This is the place where the movement of water is just crazy. This fountain spray approximately 22 thousand gallons of water in the air. Its beautiful view at night will attract your sight, and this is the magical sight that millions of fans visit this place.

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The Dubai Mall

The interior, as well as exterior look of this world’s largest shopping mall, is sensational. The biggest feature of this mall is that it provides you with shopping as well as entertainment. As there is an aquarium and underwater zoo which contains about 140 species.

If you haven’t seen Dubai mall after visiting Dubai, your visit is incomplete. Must visit these places to explore the beauty of this city as much as possible.

Dubai Miracle Garden

If you want to see natural flowers and enjoy them Dubai Miracle Garden is made for you. This garden is the largest garden of natural flowers in the world. You can estimate the beauty of this garden from the fact that there are about 150 million flowers. In this garden, you can see your favorite flower not in photos but in real and that’s amazing. If you visit this garden between November and March you will enjoy more the beauty of the natural flowers.

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