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Most Popular PDF Editor for Students in 2021

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Until the end of 2019, we didn’t know what pandemic would hit us and its severe effects on different age groups and industries. The educational institutes witnessed much more impacts than others. The physical education turned into online classes, and printed assignments were switched to PDF files.

The pandemic made students use PDF editors so that professors could access their work without any hassle. Ensuring compatibility and reliability with content security, students figured out ways to use PDF files in their day-to-day assignments and get used to online education.

The article under study reviews the importance of PDF editor in student life and introduces Wondershare PDFelement with the reasons behind its extravagant popularity. Therefore, let us begin, shall we?

Part 1: Significance of Using a PDF Editor for Students in 2021

With pandemic at hand, learning the usage of PDF editors has become a need. Without that, it wouldn’t be easy to send the assignments and quarterly evaluations of a thesis. The different PDF editors are in the market, making the organization of files easy while presenting ideal formatting. The section revolves around the critical pointers and functions offered by PDF editors.

Ideal Formatting and Easily Printable

Be it an essay or a report, the document’s formatting is the first thing to be noticed. It has to be ideal so that the students get good grades. For the same reason, the assignments should be converted into PDF files so that the contents are not distorted and an alignment is displayed.

A PDF editor comes in the frame. It helps the student keep the proper formatting where headings are in the correct sequence. Being a prevalent file format, PDF editors make file printing easy. All printing services have PDF editors that open the PDF file in it and process the printing efficiently.

Effortless Editing and Annotation

Editing and changing the contents of data is not new in a student’s life. He has to remove pages and insert pages to present a promising report. To handle this issue, PDF editors know how to be helpful. A good PDF editor lets the user add comments to the file so that the supervisor can address his concerns. In addition to this, he can add annotations.

The annotations can be in the form of underline, highlight, and strikethrough. Also, adding sticky notes and text boxes help in expressing the thoughts at the moment without forgetting them in class.

Organization and Management of Files

From literature for thesis study to reports for daily assignments, a student’s life revolves around documents and files. The excellent management and organization of documents are essential so that they are not lost. With the presence of PDF editors, the user can make folders and place the files according to grade years, term papers, monthly assignments, and final submissions.

Along with this, most PDF editors offer a “Search” option that makes the file searching process even more effective. A student can use different keywords to find the targeted document. The efficient classification of documents is the need of the hour as online education has become pretty much the future.

Affordability and Economic PDF Editor

A student’s pocket is as empty as a beggar. He cannot afford to put his money in a PDF editor to continue the protocols of online education. Therefore, a good PDF editor has to be affordable and economical. Students should be offered the editors whose workability is free and advanced features can be utilized effortlessly as they have limited financial ability.

Ease in Data Extraction

Changes are a part of a typical routine assignment. The extraction of data from pictures, text, tables, charts is essential to conclude the work. The PDF editors help the user extract data from specific contents on a page and make it easy for the students to get any important information from the PDFs.

Part 2: Popularity of Wondershare PDFelement Among Students

Wondershare PDFelement for iOS is a renowned software among students, especially in 2021. Due to online education, students needed software that takes their editing and formatting requirements seriously. PDFelement edits, merges, scans, and secures your documents. The students can adjust font-related attributes while playing with text creatively and professionally.

Fortunately, the section revolves around some of its features that have made it a global revolution. So, let us jump right in.

Extensive Editing Process

PDFelement brings a whole new world of editing to the lot. The student can edit the documents by cropping pages, editing links, spell check, resize the image. The resizing is done without affecting the aspect ratio.

In addition to this, one can annotate the document through the usage of unique markup tools. The tools include underline, highlight, and strikethrough. Moreover, the stamps can also be drawn effectively.

The incorporation of digital signature ensures that the student’s work is authentic. Using this software for scanning is also a treat to watch because one can convert a physical document into a digital one by following a simple set of instructions.

Versatile Usage Devices

Wondershare PDFelement offers services to not only iOS users. The tool is operatable through Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It is easily accessed and put to use based on different usage scenarios. If you are a student, editing from a smartphone is effortless compared to working on a system.

Effortless Synchronization and Sharing

Emailing your reports has become frictionless with the introduction of Wondershare PDFelement. It is because the file size is optimized and reduced to be sent across borders without any stress. The files can be shared to iCloud drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

The student can easily synchronize the PDFelement’s account with cloud storages and access the accounts uploaded there. The process is as easy as it can get.

Economical and Affordable

PDFelement understands that the students have limited cash in their hands. For the same reason, using this tool is reasonable, and a 50% discount is offered to students. As an economical and affordable software for iOS, there is no need to explain why it is so popular among students.

Classification and Document Management

Students have an awful load of assignments to handle and organize. They must be kept safe and classified based on their titles. This fantastic tool does the trick. It not only manages the documents but allows the users to search them through “keywords.” One can type in specific phrases and words to get access to the required documents without any stress.

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Optimization and Organization

The typical file size of a document is significant when the work is concluded on it. The sharing process is extremely slow in that scenario. Wondershare PDFelement reduces and optimizes the file size and makes it shareable. Additionally, students can organize pages as well. They can split, add, rotate, duplicate, and delete pages effortlessly.

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Image alt: optimize your large pdf files

Concluding Remarks

Students are the future of our generation. They are expected to play a primary role in the progress of the country. With the pandemic, online education has made them suffer. However, different PDF editors have eased the process multifold.

Wondershare PDFelement is one such software that brings promising features for the students. They can annotate, edit, scan, and share documents with a mere tap of a button. The software is operatable with any device, which makes its usage even more meaningful.

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