Mumbai to Bangalore Flight: Tips for First-Timer Flyers

Mumbai to Bangalore Flight

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As a first-timer on the Mumbai-Bangalore Flight can be nerve-wracking, and a few tips can help make your trip easy-breezy. Mumbai airport is huge, and so is Bangalore airport. Know about the tips for Mumbai to Bangalore Flight.

The airport in Mumbai is located in Andheri and is one of the busiest airports, in fact, the second busiest in India. It is known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. On the other hand, the Bangalore airport, known as Kempegowda International Airport, is an international airport located on the city’s outskirts in the suburb of Devanahalli.

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As a first-timer flyer, it can be overwhelming to travel by flight, especially a Mumbai to Bangalore Flight. Nevertheless, we are here to your rescue and will give you tips for flying the first time.

Tips for first-time flyers

It is natural to be nervous and excited simultaneously about your first flight. But there is no need to be worried about anything. You must be aware and prepared before starting your trip. There is a checklist you must go through before boarding and landing. We have jotted down the best tips for you as first-time flyers

●     Luggage guidelines

Unlike trains and buses, the luggage allowed on flights is specified and mentioned varying from airline to airline. There is a limit on the amount of luggage you can carry. Also, there are two kinds of luggage/baggage-

The cabin baggage:

The one you carry inside the flight with you;

The check-in baggage:

The one that you submit before boarding

The kilograms of your luggage and the dimensions matter and shouldn’t weigh more than the specified limit. If the limit exceeds, you will have to pay extra. So, follow the luggage guidelines.

●      Documents

On Mumbai to Bangalore Flight, you only need to carry the documents required for domestic travel since it is a domestic flight. Any photo ID will do, like an Aadhaar card, Voter ID, Driving License, Pan Card, or Student ID

●      Arrival time

Since Mumbai is a crowded city, you must always leave home and reach the airport on time. But, nowadays, you have the option of checking in online. If you still need to do that, you must reach an hour prior to the flight boarding time. Getting early only helps you do things without any hassle.

●     After reaching airport

You must keep your ticket handy. Thereafter, submit your luggage at your airline counter and keep your ID proof on you. If you haven’t checked in online, go to the counter and get your boarding pass.

Moving on, comes the security check-in, where you must put all your belongings, such as belts, watches, etc., in a tray. The metal detector will detect any other item. Finally, keep your ears open, be attentive to your announcement, and enjoy shopping at the airport until you haven’t boarded the flight.


By now, you must be well-versed in boarding a flight as a first-time flyer. Just be at ease and don’t get nervous. A flight journey is supposed to be comfortable; once inside the flight, the attendants help and guide you at every step. After landing, your luggage belt is specified, and you can collect your luggage.