29 occupations exempt from getting an LMIA for BC immigration

29 occupations exempt from getting an LMIA for BC immigration

The British Columbia Tech Pilot PNP has now issued invites to 25 candidates on July 4th. British Columbia had made changes to this scheme in June itself. As per these changes, the candidates didn’t require a permanent job offer in the 29 critical profiles which are a part of this PNP program. In fact, a job offer of 1 year was only valid. This change was implemented on June 26th, 2021.

So, the candidates should apply for this profile, 4 months before the job is going to get initiated in this province. There are many benefits which are available to the candidates as per this Tech Pilot stream. For other profiles, the other work experience requirement is more than 1 year. Therefore, the candidates have to be eligible as per this requirement.

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The candidate can get the invite based on his nomination of a tech profile if he has the best score as compared to all the other candidates who have applied. He can only nominate a tech profile if he has an offer letter for one year or more provided by an employer in this province. Once invited, the candidate gets the work permit support letter which can be used to put his PR application to this province. After getting the invite the applicant will have, 30 days time period before him, to file his papers.

Then at this time, he will have to pay a fee of 700 CAD. However, no charges are levied on him once he registers himself for this PNP program. So, this program is ideal for tech graduates with valid job offers in British Columbia. Applying in this Tech PNP profile has many advantages because it includes profiles like “Authors and Writers” (NOC code A), “Web designers and developers”(NOC code A) and “Computer programmers and interactive media developers”

If you apply as per the BC Pilot Tech PNP Program, your employer is saved from the hassle of getting an LMIA done for you. That’s why its advantageous for employers to get employees through this program.

Apart from that the other advantages of the BC PNP Tech pilot program are:

  • For employers, the biggest advantage is that they are in complete touch with the BC PNP concierge and can get their problems resolved through email or by a call.

Other requirements of BC PNP tech pilot for the candidates:

  • As far as the application is concerned, the candidate should know that he is eligible to apply as per the British Columbia Express Entry NOC code(either NOC code A,0 or B) where his occupation is listed. For example, the occupation of “web designers and developers” is a part of the NOC category “A” of Canadian occupations.
  • The candidate should have language proficiency which is compatible with the kind of occupation for which he has received a job offer. If his occupation is in the NOC “B” category, the candidate should have a mandatory level of CLB 4 language proficiency in English. For the BC tech pilot PNP program, the occupations which are a part of the NOC category “B” are,
  • For professions included in the, 0 or A category of occupations, no such language proficiency is required, however, the BC PNP may ask for certain language proficiency levels of English, if it deems they are necessary for you doing your job properly in this province.
  • The candidate should have, 2 years work experience in his tech pilot profile.
  • The candidate should be a graduate.

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