One Piece Filler Characters Who Should Be Canon


One Piece’s world is immense and crowded, filling every corner with a story waiting to occur or waiting to be an interview. Spinning those yarns is One Piece Filler‘s eclectic line of characters who each have their quirks, faces, and stories to stay in people’s minds. This includes even a couple of passing side characters who get backstory credit just by exposure.

The main story is crammed with many characters whose lives and battles have entertained people plenty, but it cannot be understated how well a couple of filler characters can slot in so well with the natural canon, almost to the purpose of rivaling the first material. Thereupon in mind, there also are many odd, unsubstantial characters that are surprisingly canon.

Apis Should Be Canon: 

While it’s nostalgic watching any piece of early One Piece, there’s just something special about One Piece’s first, official filler arc. Long before the series became afflicted with the extensive padding that does not bog down the story, the anime had an honest collection of filler episodes whose sense of fantasy and adventure blended almost naturally with the story.

One of the simplest examples of this is often the Warship Island Arc where the Straw Hats had to guard ahead also because the female child could ask him. This was Apis, a woman equally as kind and adventurous as a 1 Piece character should be, who went on to tease the rare ability to speak to animals that might at some point become canon.

All-Hunt Grount Should Be Canon: 

It looks like the Straw Hats are constantly battling the foremost experienced and legendary Marines around whenever they run into the law. As large as the One Piece Filler List world is, they rarely run into regular or rookie Marines, that is, until the appropriately named Rookie Marine Arc. Here, the Straw Hats clash with a developing group of Marines who became infamous for his or her rowdy nature.

Leading the group is “All-Hunt” Grount, a former disciple of Aokiji whose arrogance and hot-headedness constantly put him at odds with the opposite Marines. He was a natural though heavily unseasoned enemy for a post-time skip over Luffy. If he were canon, it might be interesting to ascertain him grow and alter like Koby to at least one day challenge Luffy again.

Puzzle Should Be Canon:

 Before the Supernovas, the Straw Hats rarely met the other, rival pirates, at least, one’s worth noting. That is what makes Puzzle the Phoenix such an enormous, missed opportunity. He was another one among the pirates suffering from the Ice Hunters within the Ice Hunter Arc who needed to regain his confidence after losing his mate.

He even had a 100 million berry bounty without a Devil Fruit which, before the arrival of haki, is pretty impressive. Despite being a touch shaky initially, he’d continue to fight alongside and befriend Luffy. The puzzle was the type of noble, romantic pirate that One Piece was designed for and could’ve had a healthy rivalry with Luffy as two, good-natured captains.

 Daddy Masterson Should Be Canon:

 While Usopp could also be a reasonably talented sniper, there’s not tons of competition to measure himself within the story. The closest he has been to his father, Yassop, and Van Augur, who he’ll likely bully off later within the series. Until then, Usopp’s greatest sniper rivalry came within the Loguetown Arc. There he’d meet Daddy the daddy, a famous, ex-Marine sniper who now acts as a bounty hunter.

He and Usopp had a gentlemen’s duel, with Usopp winning by making the foremost impressive shot he ever had at that time. It’s disappointing that Daddy just stayed on Loguetown together with his daughter after this because it would’ve been interesting seeing him travel with Smoker to seek out the Straw Hats and continue his rivalry with Usopp.

 Jonathan Should Be Canon:

The G-8 Arc is heralded as not just one of Piece’s greatest one piece filler arcs but together of the best filler arcs of all time. What sold this arc was its well-defined and likable filler characters, particularly flag officer Jonathan.

Jonathan is that the quiet stoic, wise old man that might be a key player within any anime story, While every flag officer is claimed to be a master of Haki, he didn’t need it to corner the Straw Hats, instead of using patience and sound strategies to gradually capture them. He’s a singular but much-needed character during a world crammed with a couple of too many meat-headed, fight heavy rivals for the Straw Hats

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