Online Quran Classes for Kids

We being Muslim, know very well that Learning Quran is a very noble and important act. It gives us knowledge about all aspects of life, also it brings us near to our one and only  Creator ALLAH, and will be a proof of our all good deeds on the Day of Judgment Insha Allah.It’s a complete GUIDE for as well as the CONTENTMENT of our hearts as Allah says in the Quran:   Translation: the ones who believe and their hearts are peaceful with the remembrance of Allah. Listen, the hearts find peace only in the remembrance of Allah.” (13:28)   When we read and try to understand the Quran on a daily basis, it is equally important for us to let our kids learn the Quran as well.YES! We should let our kids start learning the Quran from the very early years of life.   It is so important for us to learn about the Quran and pass on the information to our Kids. The prime objective is to give our kids the benefits of learning the holy Quran. That’s Why you need to have enough knowledge related to the Quran, how to recite it and its prime commandments.  To serve this special purpose we have set up an online Quran learning institute at We make sure to be it the place where you can feel like home while acquiring the knowledge of Quran. Our online Quran learning academy is highly equipped with the modern facilities of Online Learning.    How can we Help you in Online Quran Classes for Your Kids: We have designed these online Quran classes for kids as per the need of the hour. We have the brilliantly designed course outline for children of all ages and learning capabilities.   Our Process: What we do is to assess the kids learning level by his age and previous learning (if any) and then our basis start is with Norani Qaida (the basic guide for Quran learning beginners) The basic purpose of Norani Qaida is to learn the basic Arabic Grammar letters, how to pronounce them and how to read them in different moves. How to read and how not to read?Where to stop and Where not to stop? Etc  After having the complete grip on Norani Qaida your kid will be able to start reading the Quran very quickly and correctly.   Our Quran Tutors For Kids: We have the highly qualified male and female Quran tutors who understand the kids psychology and excel in teaching children. All you need to do is: Choose the Quran Tutor Register your Kid/Kids Have FREE Trial Classes After you enroll your kid for the online Quran class, our team will be contacting you shortly for the course details and the convenient class timings for you.   What do you need for Online Quran Classes for Kids? We provide the latest yet convenient technology solution that is easily adaptable by you and your kids. All you need to have to take the online Quran class is: A Computer/Laptop/Tab/Smartphone A Good Internet Connection A Headphone set and you are good to go! There is one important thing to mention is that once you enroll your kid for online Quran class,you might need to encourage him/her and let them know the importance of learning the Quran. We are sharing a few tips to boost up your kids interest in Learning Quran Online. Set some goals and reward points for achieving a goal. For example, You will buy your child a favourite toy of him/her or buy them their favourite snack/food if they successfully learn their lesson in time. Show your interest. Keep asking your child on a daily basis what they learnt today.Or if the kids are too young then better to join them in their Online Quran Class. This way you can have a better track of their learning process and get to know any difficulty they are facing. Repeat their daily Quran lesson with them. This will keep them engaged with their daily lessons and continuous revision will make them fluent.    Keep their mood ON during the class. Give them time to time shoulder taps, hugs and kisses when they try to learn. Encourage them with loving words.Keep playing the Quran recitation time-to-time,in your home and in the car while driving. This will increase the interest of your kids in listening to the Quran and reading it in the same way. We hope that the above details will help you take your kid in the right direction when you choose him/her to learn the Quran. All this information will help you make the best decision for your kid. No matter, where you enroll your kids for Quran Classes, just remember that you (th parents) are their first school and the primary role model they will tend to follow. So, you need to show them your interest in reading and Learning Quran to develop their interest.    Author Bio Muhammad Junaid is a senior Analyst and Search Engine Expert. Extensive experience being a lead writer in Online Madrasa. Work for years with local and international enterprises. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.