What Is a Permanent Loan? Everything You Need to Know

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Were you aware that a permanent loan can be a better alternative to other loans?

Many people are hesitant to apply for permanent loans because they think they’ll be paying them for a long time. While they can come with longer repayment periods, this can benefit the borrower.

Understanding what a permanent loan agreement can help you when you need to make a major purchase. We’ll save you some time by going over all the basics so you can prepare for your application.

So what is a permanent loan? Read on to find out. 

How Permanent Loans Differ from Other Loans

Permanent loans are long-term loans that people take out for a variety of reasons. Despite the name, permanent loans are not permanent. However, unlike other types of loans, it’s common to see the repayment period of a permanent loan last longer than 10 years.

When it comes to getting a permanent loan, an applicant will go through the same process they would for another type of loan. Filling out an application, explaining the purpose, and proving financial responsibility are all required steps.

Here are some of the options that permanent loans are compared to:

Personal Loan

Personal loans are similar to permanent loans, in that a borrower can acquire funds for anything. However, personal loans often have much shorter repayment periods. Aside from that, lenders are less likely to provide larger amounts of funds.

If someone wants to borrow a larger amount and avoid repaying as quickly as possible, a permanent loan agreement can help you buy anything you need.


Getting a mortgage is what many people do when they want to purchase a property. Mortgages can ensure a borrower has enough funds to buy a house outright and can come with long repayment periods of anywhere between 15-30.

Going through the permanent loan process is a better option when you already have a lot of money saved for a house. Instead of borrowing several hundred thousand dollars, you can borrow a few thousand with a permanent loan.

Auto Loan

An auto loan is like a mortgage in that it’s used to purchase a specific vehicle. These loans cannot be taken out to buy something else, because the money will go directly to the lender.

Using a permanent loan to get a vehicle can benefit anyone that wants more than a few years to pay off their vehicle. You can also use the permanent loan to repay the auto loan, essentially “refinancing” it.

What Permanent Loans Are Used For

What makes a permanent loan stand out from others is its flexible use. With one, you can do things like purchase real estate or pay off another loan. It doesn’t matter what you use the money for, you’ll just need approval from the lender.

Permanent loans are commonly used by real estate developers after they’ve finished a project. Initially, they use construction loans to finance development. Afterward, they use permanent loans to pay off construction loans and start operating the property.

Aside from real estate and personal use, places like museums can use these loans for pieces of art. Instead of borrowing money, they borrow the art for a certain duration. In return, they’ll often promote the lender or donor of the art piece.

How to Qualify for a Permanent Loan

Qualifying for a permanent loan doesn’t require much work. The main thing you must ensure you have is a good credit score, which can be acquired by repaying debts and borrowing little. 

Lenders want to see that you have good credit because it reflects your financial responsibility. If your credit score is bad, a lender won’t feel confident that you can repay them.

If your credit score is bad, you won’t have to go into permanent debt to raise it. Here’s how you can qualify for a permanent loan:

Increase Your Credit Score

To quickly raise your credit, you can start by paying off all debts. While doing that, don’t borrow much to prevent your score from staying stagnant.

If you currently have no debt, you can use a credit card to start raising it. However, ensure that you make payments as soon as possible. 

Bring Financial Records

As soon as you start the permanent loan process, you’ll be expected to bring several documents that outline your financial history. Aside from showing previous and current loans, you must show proof of income.

Some of the best documents to bring include bank statements and pay stubs because they allow the lender to see exactly how much you earn.

If you reach out to a firm like mbpartners.com, you can learn more about the types of documents to bring for a permanent financing loan. The exact requirements will vary depending on the lender.

Consider Getting a Permanent Loan Today

Now that you’ve read this article, you no longer need to ask, “What is a permanent loan?” With this information, you’ll have a much easier time choosing one that suits you.

We encourage anyone that’s looking to borrow money for something to consider getting a permanent loan first. Not only will you have a long repayment period, but you may get lower interest rates than you would with another type of loan.

No matter which loan you opt for, ensure you meet all the requirements before applying. The application will appear on your credit report, which can slightly decrease your score.

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