Pile foundation

Pile foundation

The pile foundation system is something that a home builder company    รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี   will have to think about first. Here, the foundation will be laid before the construction of houses and buildings with details as follows:

• Timber piles are logs that are driven into the soil. by acting as a friction pile is to bear most of the load by friction around the pile Generally, the ends of the wooden posts are nailed with iron pads. In order to prevent the wood cutting from cracking or splitting caused by impact.

• Composite piles are piles made of two types of materials in the same pile, for example, wooden piles with concrete bases to prevent the piles from decaying above groundwater level.

• H-section piles (H-piles) are steel columns of H-section section, sometimes covered with concrete to prevent corrosion.

• Pipe piles are steel columns with circular cross-section like large and thick steel pipes. It may have the end of the pipe that is hammered into the ground open or closed with a steel sheet. Then pour concrete into the pipe. In the case of the end of the pipe, the duck must remove the soil inside the pipe before pouring concrete.

• Precast concrete piles have many cross-sections such as circles, squares, hexagons. and sometimes inside hollow Precast concrete piles are usually made of prestressed concrete.

• The pile is poured in place. Cast-in-place concrete piles are created by pouring concrete into a shaft drilled in the soil, which may be cased or uncased.

• Cased piles are made by hammering steel pipes or steel casings into the soil to the deepest part of the pile length to remove the soil inside the casing. Then put on the reinforcement and pour concrete, leaving the casing underground. Sometimes during the hammering of the steel casing, a special thick core of the tube may be inserted inside the casing. To protect the steel sleeve which is thin and may be deformed or crumpled when the core is removed before concrete is poured.

• Uncased piles are made by hammering or pushing concrete blocks into the soil with steel sleeves to the desired depth. The concrete blocks are meant to prevent soil from getting inside the pipes during hammering. After inserting the iron with gradually remove the steel casing while the concrete will be replaced

• Pedestal piles are piles that are poured in place without sheaths with large flared ends to help strengthen them. And increase the ability to bear the force of soil at the tip of the needle in the form of End Bearing by increasing the subsoil area at the tip of the needle

• Micro piles are piles with high potential. but has a small diameter [5″ to 12″ (125 to 305)]. This type of pile is grouted with reinforcement. This type of pile is often used in urban areas or in confined areas that are difficult to access. to increase the ability to carry weight or emergency repair Because this type of pile can be installed in all soil conditions and causes minimal vibration. thus not disturbing the existing building

Chimney or Kesong Root Pile In order to build a house   รับสร้างบ้านโคราช  or building, sometimes there must be a calculation of pile laying.

Chimney or K’s root piles built by pouring reinforced concrete columns in place After drilling with an auger or manpower to solid soil layer, which has the same characteristics as drilling piles.

• Crater Root Piles or Caesongs

• Reinforcing steel is drilled in the upper area. To accommodate cutting forces caused by lateral or eccentric loads

• The drilling size is from 2’6″ (760) in diameter.

• Temporary casing prevents water or sand from entering the borehole.

• The base of the Caesong pile may be widened to resemble the mouth of a bell. To make the support area of ​​the subsoil more, it can support more weight. Widening can be done by using the force of a miner. Or use a set of cutters to cut to the tip of an Auger excavator.

• Shale or hard rock that can support weight.

• Caesong plug-in piles looks like a pile of roots But there is a tip that penetrates deep into the solid soil layer.

rock layers in order to gain increased weight resistance

• Caesong Stone Pile It is a Caesong pile that is plugged into one. The core is a H-shaped form steel, poured with concrete.

It can be seen that the pile foundation system Both chimney or caseson root piles are important and differ depending on the use of that structure. should be chosen correctly and the right way