Some Common Pitfalls That Student Must Avoid While Applying For Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Some Common Pitfalls That Student Must Avoid While Applying For Temporary Graduate Visa 485

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Many international students give priority to studying the desired course at an Australian University. Initially, they may not think about whether to stay back in the country after graduation or not. But, with the course coming to an end, most of them plan to extend their stay in this beautiful country. However, with the course, their student visa will also expire.

And at this point, one should have the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. If you want to work here, this visa will undoubtedly help you in many aspects. And, you can also apply for an Australian permanent residency after a certain period.

This visa will allow you to enjoy full working rights in Australia while staying here from 18 months to 4 years. Naturally, though, the time duration will depend a lot on what type of course you have attended. This article discusses ten common pitfalls you should avoid while applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485.

Don’t Ignore The Time

Once your course completes, you should make the application within six months from the completion date. Remember, this date of completion refers to the day when your final results get published. Very often, many students assume that it relates to the day of graduation. You should be careful about this vital mistake and apply the date of completion and the expiry date of the student visa.

The application will depend a lot on the time when you complete your course. It is always better to apply before a few weeks. Never forget to include every application detail to reduce the chances of rejection.

University Documents

Perhaps you remember that you had to submit a Confirmation Of Enrolment while applying for the student visa. This time also you have to submit a similar document, with the only difference being that it should confirm that you have completed the course from the university. The paper will be a letter issued by your university. It should include the exact dates of the start and end of the course and that you have qualified in a CRICOS-registered course. 

You Have To Be Physically Present In Australia

Before you have applied, you must have been present in Australia for at least 16 months for your study. So, very naturally, this time duration is between the commencement date and the date of completion. However, sometimes, you may have ended your course pretty early by doing summer semesters or have spent a significant amount of time overseas. If something like this occurs, you should check before you apply.

You Have To Pass The English Test

An English test result is mandatory. The better you score, the brighter will be your chances to get the visa. So, it is better to make preparations from an early stage. It will increase your chance to get the Visa Subclass 485 on time.

You should note here that your visa application will get refused if you cannot provide the test result even after clearing it. So please be very careful about it because even the AAT or Administrative Appeals Tribunal cannot help you if it happens.

You Must Get The Clearance Certificate From The Australian Federal Police

Before you lodge your application, you should submit the clearance certificate issued by the AFP. Even if you do not get the certificate at the time of application, you should show the CK-AFP lodgement receipt. Otherwise, your visa application may get refused.

Health insurance

Never forget the health insurance. It is one of the most important criteria for the Graduate Visa 485. You should make adequate arrangements to get the insurance cover from an approved insurance provider because you will need to show the evidence at different application stages.

At the time of lodging your application, you have to show the Overseas Student Health Cover proof. This health insurance proof will also help you during the application process. But, at the time of visa grant, you should have the Overseas Visitor Health Cover or the OVHC. You can also access Medicare, Australia’s state-run health care after you are granted the Graduate Visa. Health insurance will also become important when you apply for the Australian Permanent Residency. So, you should not ignore it.

You Should Go Through The Correct Pathway

It is a crucial point you should note. There are two streams under this visa – Graduate Work Stream Visa (GWS) and Post-Study Work Stream Visa (PSWV). You should decide which stream you will apply because the eligibility requirements and the benefits are different for the two visas. However, practically, Post-Study Work Stream is more favourable to the students because of a few reasons.

  • Depending on your degree qualification, you can stay for 2 to 4 years in Australia with the PSWV, while the GWS will allow you to stay for only 18 months.
  • You should get the positive Skills Assessment for the GWS, which is not required for PSWV.
  • For the GWS, you should have an occupation available on the Independent & Family Sponsored Occupations List. But, no such restriction is applicable for PSWV.

Maintain All The Eligibility Criteria

Like all other visas, you should fulfil all the eligibility requirements for subclass 485 visa australia. In addition, you should have completed a specific course covering at least two years. The eligibility criteria are:

  • If there is any gap between the qualifications, one or more courses can be added to make up for the 2-year requirement.
  • The course type will determine the stream you can apply for.
  • For PSWV, Diploma or Trade Qualification cannot be granted.

Skills Assessment

For the GWS, Skills Assessment in the current occupation should be done for a successful visa application.

  • Completing the Assessment before the application is not mandatory, but you should show a receipt.
  • Your nominated occupation should be available on the Independent & Family Sponsored Occupations List.
  • You should be employed in the current profession when the visa will be under process. 
  • If your Skills Assessment gets refused, you will have the option to appeal.
  • The outcome should be positive. If your application gets rejected, you can appeal to the AAT.

Regarding applying for the Skills Assessment or approaching AAT for a re-application, you may help a migration agent in Adelaide in which IAA can help you.

Section 48 Of Migration Act

If the Department of Home Affairs rejects your application, you cannot make another visa application from any other place in Australia. This is because Section 48 of the Migration Act will forbid you to do so. However, if you stay in Australia on a bridging visa, the Section will then be applicable. As you have ample time in your hand, about six months from the date of completion, to lodge your visa application, you will only have one chance to give a justification for your case.

Final Thoughts

As Visa 485 will extend your stay in Australia and help you obtain the Permanent Residency in Australia after a certain point of time, you should take utmost care of all the steps of application. Immigration Agent Australia has been providing top-quality migration services in Adelaide. You may consider consulting them.

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