What’s The Best Place To Have Your Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Certification?

What’s The Best Place To Have Your Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Certification?
Laser Hair Removal

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In the UK, the demand for individuals specialising in Laser Hair Removal has reached an all-time high. The main reason behind it is that more and more people are opting for hair removal − for different parts of the body − using the laser method. It comes with many benefits and gives them the desired results for a long time and with no side effects like pain, ingrown hairs and swelling, etc. 

Secondly, with every person opting for Laser Hair Removal, they want the treatment from a certified and experienced person who knows all the intricacies involved in this treatment. Also, it gives the clients peace of mind that they are getting the service from a well-qualified person.

Chelsford’s NVQ Level 4 Laser Hair Removal

For people in the beauty industry wanting to advance their career and become certified laser practitioners, having expertise in Laser Hair Removal, Chelsford’s Level 4 Laser Hair Removal is the perfect answer. After completing this 3-day study at their running clinic, you’ll walk away with a Globally recognised NVQ Level 4 Certificate in Laser & Light treatments for Hair Removal awarded by VTCT. 

The certification is tailor-made for all those therapists who do not want to practice laser skin treatments but want to specialise in Hair Removal techniques only. 

This qualification is for…

This is a ready-made qualification for all those medical and beauty specialists who want to fast-track their careers and become certified laser aestheticians. NVQ/VTCT Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Course provided by highly experienced trainers in Chelsford’s running clinics will allow students to gain all the skills required to deliver hair removal treatment using Laser & IPL. 

Apart from that, the trainers will also teach health & safety protocols related to the right usage and provision of laser technology in the clinic or salon. 

What you will learn?

During the length of the course, our trainers will teach you how to analyse the skin and hair type, to begin with. You’ll also be learning important things about treatment contradictions, side-effects involved in the treatment and how to devise a custom treatment to meet a specific client’s needs. 

Also, during the course, the trainers will have a special focus on making you understand safe management & working practices. Moreover, you’ll be better equipped to identify and control dangerous situations arising out of nowhere in the clinic or beauty salon/spa. 

You’ll walk away with

On successfully completing the Level 4 laser and IPL training course, the students will be able to perform laser & IPL hair removal treatments for different skin tones and hair types. They’ll be able to customise treatments based on the requirements of the clients. 

Moreover, after completing this 3-day intense course, you’ll have a VTCT qualification in Level 4 Laser & IPL which will surely spruce up your profile as a beauty therapist. You’ll also be knowledgeable of the Laser & IPL hair reduction methods and Identification of Fitzpatrick Skin Types. 

This course is considered great for all those employers who want their therapists to be qualified professionals on Laser Hair Removal. The pre-requisite for this certification is a Level 3 Beauty Therapy diploma. By going for a Level 4 Laser Hair Removal diploma, you are saving time and money and advancing your career, bigtime. 

Training in running clinics

At Chelsford, the best advantage of taking your certifications is that all the trainings are conducted in running clinics. With an emphasis to provide you with hands-on experience, their trainers will make sure you are ready to provide treatments to real clients. 

Chelsford trainers will guide you through the process with their own clinical protocols to instil the right knowledge and confidence required to become a therapist. By training with Chelsford, you don’t need to provide models for practical training. As you’ll be getting the training in running clinics, you’ll be trained to provide treatments to real clients. 

Get trained from the best

All trainers at Chelsford are highly experienced and lead the beauty industry owing to their skill and knowledge. They will instil their knowledge and practical experience in you by carefully teaching you all important aspects in theory and practical. Chelsford is an institute of higher education that needs no introduction when it comes to VTCT/NVQ trainings and has numerous student testimonials 

The fact that you will be providing Laser treatment to real clients will give you huge hands-on experience. This will enable you to learn all the intricacies involved in the treatment and you’ll be better able to tackle the risks etc. 

Pre-requisites and what’s next?

The pre-requisite qualification to enrol in this course is Level 3 Beauty Therapy. After getting a certification in Level 4 Laser Hair Removal, you can register for Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal and become a Tattoo Removal Specialist. You are also eligible for Advanced Laser Diploma and Fat Freeze & Body Sculpting after getting this 3-day intense certification. 

Why Chelsford?

They have a large network of ultra-modern clinics spread across the posh areas of London. They have state-of-the-art equipment in all their clinics which allows the students to gain knowledge about modern equipment during the course. 

Moreover, their trainers are running clinics and providing treatments to their clients day in and day out. So, they are well versed with all the intricacies, complications, how to bring about ideal results. Getting the trainings from these highly experienced and globally certified trainers means that you are in safe hands. 

Moreover, their course fees are also affordable as compared to others in London. 

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