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What Are Some Possible Causes of Female Infertility?

Female Infertility

Being infertile during the age when your body is perfect for reproduction can greatly impact your life quality, particularly if you have been longing for a child. This might not be a matter of concern for many people as the world has grown modern and couples and families are still complete without having children. Many couples don’t wonder about having any children, instead, some completely healthy and fertile couples don’t want to produce any children.

But all people don’t have the same thinking. Those types of people are also present in this world who want to have their babies. But not all of them are able to do so, as they might have several health issues, including infertility. The percentage of infertility is higher in females than males. But this difference is little, as in the United States, the male infertility percentage is 9 and it is 11 for females.

But this infertility is treatable if you want to have babies. Female infertility treatment centers are now present in almost every city to solve this problem. But not everyone needs this treatment, sometimes a slight change in your routine can turn things for you. This depends upon the reasons for infertility. Following are some reasons that can possibly cause infertility among females.

Problems with Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is the main process that enables a female to reproduce. It makes her ready to get pregnant. The whole process involves the formation of eggs that act as female reproductive material. The process is not as simple as it seems. It involves different phases and steps. Any change to any of these phases can lead to infertility or difficulty in getting pregnant.

Structural Problems

The reproduction system is a complex structure in females. A slight change to any part of this system can cause serious fertility problems. After the production of egg by females during the menstrual cycles, it has to travel through different pathways to release.

Fallopian tubes are most important in this case. If fallopian tubes get damaged or blocked due to any reason, the egg will not be able to pass through it. This will lead to the failure of the egg to release in the uterus from the ovaries. So sperm will not be able to reach the egg after entering the female body. No fertilization will take place and the resultant will be infertility.


Various types of infections can also cause infertility in both males and females. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are on top of the list of infections that can cause infertility in females. In case of lack of treatment, these infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Some infections can also cause bad effects to you or your child even after you get pregnant. HPV infection is caused by females and produces sticky materials in the cervix of females and makes it hard for them to get pregnant. Vaccines are available for this viral infection and everyone should get vaccinated at the age of 11 or 12 years. Sexually transmitted infections can also be noted in this case.

Egg Maturity

Egg maturity is another cause of infertility in females. If the egg doesn’t develop complete maturity, it will not be able to fertilize. This can happen mostly in females who are taking an improper diet or facing a health issue like obesity. This happens mostly due to the lack of proper nutrients that are required for egg maturity.

This immature egg might have several problems, like release at improper time and difficulty in passing through fallopian tubes.

Failure to Ovulate

The release of the egg from the ovary into the fallopian tubes is known as ovulation. It happens at the end of the 2nd week or the start of the 3rd week of the menstrual cycle. A failure to ovulate the egg is a cause of infertility. It is the most common reason for female infertility, as 40 percent of infertility in females occurs due to ovulation failure.

But treatment is available for this common type of infertility as well. Taking an IVF treatment in Lahore is the best possible solution for this type of infertility.

Above are some basic and most common reasons for female infertility. Advanced treatments are available to treat these causes.



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