Professional Fingerboard: Everything You Should Know

Professional Fingerboard: Everything You Should Know

A professional fingerboard is a normal-sized replica of the real skateboard that people like to ride. In Fingerboarding, the board retains the exact same appearance as a larger version, beginning with the wheels, boards, trucks, or even the graphics on the deck. The only variation is if the board is controlled using pictures as opposed to appendages.

Fingerboards were initially created in the 1960s but gained popularity in the 1990s. Ever since their emergence, they have been hugely popular in the skateboarding communities throughout the world. In terms of an overview of the different sorts of professional fingerboards in the next five years, let’s have a quick glance.

Teak Tuning Fingerboard

This type of fingerboard is made of stainless steel, making it quite durable. It holds the weight of an average-sized person. Its deck is strong enough to support the rider. Its wheels are resistant to wear.

It has smooth bearings made with polyurethane, which will give you the capability to safely carry out different rides. The wheels are additionally provided with stainless-steel nuts that will be able to stop them from loosening.

Skull Wooden Fingerboard

It comes with a glossy ebony finish and has a Skull logo. It has skull tape, which can be used on the edge of the fingerboard. It has a handmade deck with a Skull logo that looks like quite stylish. Also, the skull tape applied at the top of the board is an additional feature. There are handmade decks made with maple wood which makes them highly durable to withstand the finger pressure.

Prolific Teak Tuning Fingerboard

Inside this fingerboard is blue dye and silver chrome, giving it a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing look. This item also contains polyurethane wheels and bearings, which are capable of operating on challenging terrain as well as standing up to the test of time. Interested in acquiring the highest-quality fingerboard at the most affordable prices? Grab fingerboard bushings or customize fingerboard the way you want.

NOAH WOOD 8.0 Fingerboard

The package contains excellent materials and is nicely put together. Each component is made out of wood and includes a fingerboard. The board has 100   34 millimeters with six bamboo and maple wood plies to give a very satisfying experience. It also includes eight pieces of the hex nut to link the truck with the deck and pre-drilled holes. The nuts have a flat top in order to prevent the players’ fingers from being hurt.

Professional fingerboards are very useful and exactly like the larger counterpart to the best of their parts, including the wheels, deck, trucks, or graphics on the deck. The only main difference is making use of fingers instead of legs, but they’re quite convenient!

If you aren’t an experienced skateboarder, you can also know where to find the best fingerboard in the world. Check out the most cost-effective and dependable fingerboard now! Hopefully, this blog will help you know understand different types of fingerboards.

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