The 10 Secrets About Promote Youtube Video Only A Handful Of People Know

The 10 Secrets About Promote Youtube Video Only A Handful Of People Know

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

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These days it can be not easy to get your videos noticed, so if you are looking for a few tips on how to promote youtube video, read on. You may have heard some of these tricks before, but hopefully, there will also be things you haven’t encountered yet. The internet has evolved into a powerful marketing tool, and YouTube is one of the best ways to reach out. Here are the 10 secrets about promoting youtube videos only a handful of people know.

1. Start your video with a question to stimulate viewers’ curiosity.

People love to watch videos that can help them solve a problem or learn something new. A great way to start your video is by asking a question that will get viewers thinking and curious about the topic you will be discussing. This will help keep them engaged throughout the entire video.

2. Create a catchy title that accurately represents your content.

When creating a title for your video, make sure it accurately represents the content of the video. This will help ensure that people who click on your video are not disappointed once they watch it. Additionally, make sure to use keywords in your title so that your video will show up in search results when people are searching for those keywords.

This will help you rank high on Google’s search results and increase your viewership.

3. Lower the video resolution to improve video loading time and bandwidth usage.

When uploading a video to YouTube, it is best to reduce your video’s resolution as much as possible without compromising quality too much to reduce the file size and overall load time of your video. This helps improve the viewing experience but can also help save bandwidth when viewers play your videos on different devices such as mobile phones or tablets with varying internet speeds and screen resolutions.

4. Make thumbnail images that match the content of the videos, so people click on them.

Make sure that you create an attractive thumbnail image for your videos that accurately represents the content of the video. This will help ensure that people who click on your thumbnail are not disappointed when they start watching the video. Additionally, use keywords in your thumbnail image to show up in search results when people are searching for those keywords.

5. Take advantage of annotations to add additional information and engagement opportunities.

Annotations are a great way to add additional information or engagement opportunities to your videos. You can use them to provide links to other related videos, ask viewers questions, or even promote your website or products. Just be sure not to over use annotations as they can be distracting and annoying for viewers if used excessively.

6. Enable interactive features such as cards and end screens to offer more engagement opportunities.

Interactive elements such as cards can help you offer additional information or promote your website, social media profiles, or products in an unobtrusive way that does not distract viewers from the content of your video. Similarly, end screens can present custom thumbnails to help boost viewership and subscribe to your channel. You can also use annotations on end screens to encourage viewers to take action or provide instructions.

7. Make it clear what people will learn by watching your videos.

People enjoy learning new things through YouTube videos like tutorials and review videos, so make sure to clarify what they will learn by watching your video at the beginning of the video description. This will give them a reason to watch your video right from the start.

8. Upload videos in HD for better quality and viewing experience.

Uploading your videos in HD will give viewers a better quality and viewing experience. This is especially important if you are creating videos containing detailed or intricate information, as viewers will see every detail without any distortion.

9. add subtitles or closed captions to improve accessibility and viewership.

Adding subtitles or closed captions to your videos can help improve accessibility for viewers who do not have audio enabled on their devices and help your videos rank higher in search results when people are searching for content with those keywords.

10. Use effective SEO techniques to increase viewership and ranking.

Employing effective SEO techniques can help increase viewership and ranking for your videos. This includes using the right keywords in your titles and descriptions and optimizing your videos for different devices and platforms. These tips will help you create successful YouTube videos that people will want to watch and share.


So there you have it, 10 secrets promote youtube video that most people don’t know about. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting your videos seen by more people and hopefully generate more leads or sales.