Read This Before You Buy Bathroom Tapware


Bathroom tapware are vital component of any bathroom, but they are sometimes ignored and do not receive the same amount of time and attention as other bathroom furniture. It doesn’t take long until you realize that there is more to your bathroom tapware than meets the eye when you eventually get around to thinking about them.

Considering that your taps will be used more frequently than anything else in the bathroom, it is critical that you make the best choice possible before proceeding. 

To assist you, we’ve put together this comprehensive tutorial that will cover the fundamentals before going through the many types of tapware you should consider. 

Take into consideration your requirements.

The first step is to take some time to think about your requirements. This will be determined mostly by who will be utilizing them and how frequently they will be used. What will your bathroom taps be used for? Will they be utilized in an en-suite for you and your partner? A restroom for the whole family, including the kids? Is there a guest bathroom for everyone? 

Every person, regardless of their age or background, will have a unique set of requirements. Once you have identified and understood who and how many people will be using the bathroom in question, you will be well on your way to choosing which solution will be the most practical and suitable. 

Choose a type of bathroom tapware that complements the décor of your bathroom.

Aesthetic factors are just as essential as functional concerns when it comes to design. It is easy to adopt a tunnel vision approach, concentrating solely on the basin region and only the basin area, while dealing with a complex problem. 

When you enter a black brick house, on the other hand, you see it as a whole painting, of which the bathroom taps are only a component. It is therefore essential to take a step back and consider your taps as a component of your bathroom’s overall design. 

There are several different varieties of tapware.

Given the large number of bathroom tapware options available, we thought we’d cover the major categories and spotlight a few of our personal favorites along the way, starting with the most basic. 

Basin mixers with a single tap hole

For a variety of reasons, the original one-tap hole mixers remain a popular and reliable option. Because only one hole is required, they are typically the quickest and most straightforward to install. They also take up less space, which may be useful in a bathroom that is limited in size, such as a studio apartment. They are also, for the most part, easier to operate because there is just one handle to contend with. 

Basin mixer with two tap holes.

2 tap hole basin taps are far less common than they used to be, but because of their cost and simplicity, they continue to have a following in some circles. One tap for hot water, and another tap for cold water. These fittings are also often very modest in size, which means that they will not take up much space and will be particularly well suited to private toilet rooms. 

Basin mixer with three tap holes.

Basin mixers with three tap holes are a very popular choice for family bathrooms and master baths. When you have two handles at your disposal, you have a better degree of control over the flow and temperature of the water, which is a significant issue for a large percentage of the population. They are a little more difficult to install due to the fact that three holes must be cut, but a professional bathroom specialist should have no trouble with them. 

Basin mixers that are placed on the wall

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, wall-mounted basin mixers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to reduce clutter and save space around the basin after they are installed. These taps are available in a number of design types and may be installed as single or double tapware to suit a variety of tastes. The only disadvantage is that the installation might be difficult due to the piping being installed in the wall. Because of the high cost of replacement and repair, you’ll want to make the best selection possible on your first try. 


When it comes to selecting the ideal bathroom tapware, there is a lot to think about and consider. This is something that will be used on a regular basis, and by following a few easy steps, you can guarantee that you make the best choice for yourself and your family.


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