5 Really Easy Ways for How to Maintain a Garden

5 Really Easy Ways for How to Maintain a Garden
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Do you own a garden and wonder how to maintain it?

Maintaining a garden includes taking care of your plant and soil. You use methods to protect them from diseases and infestation. Besides those, you keep your garden looking clean and beautiful.

This article covers some easy tips on how to maintain a garden. Read on to discover more!

1. Assessing Plant Condition

It’s vital to assess the condition of the plant before you buy and transfer it to your garden. Healthy plants often have brighter and even colors on their leaves. A healthy root is firm and white.

You can test your plant seeds as well if you opt to plant your own. Experts suggest soaking the seed in a container for 15 minutes. If the seed sinks, it’s in healthy condition.

Look out for bugs and insects infesting in your plant. You must remove the pests before it affects the other healthy plants.

Some easy things to grow in a garden include basil, tomato, zucchini, and mint. You can plant flowers too: sunflowers, peonies, and lavenders.

2. Enough Space for Plants

Giving your plant space to breathe is another vital practice in maintaining a garden. Keep in mind unhealthy plants can pass the disease to a healthy plant when in contact. Besides, overcrowding would make the plants compete for nutrients, water, and light.

Plants build-up humidity when crowded. They can get powdery mildew and other diseases when this happens. Thus, transfer your plants where they can breathe and enjoy the nutrients.

3. Watering Them Right

Another way on how to maintain your garden is to water your plants.
Plants need water to keep them alive. However, diseases found in plants need water to survive as well. With this, follow proper watering methods to sustain the life of your crops and not the diseases.

Watering the plants depends on their type and season. Some plants need watering every day, and some can survive days without it. Water them with enough amount and when necessary only.

It’s best to water the soil instead of the foliage. Go for irrigation methods that give enough moisture to the leaves and stems. The best technique for this is drip irrigation.

4. Plant Maintenance

Some plants need more sunlight than others. It’s necessary to place your plants in areas appropriate for them.

Some great gardening methods to maintain your plants are pruning, culling, and more.

Pruning is the process of removing unwanted branches to make room for new ones. Culling is the removal of infected plants. It cleans up plant diseases.

Weeds compete with your plants when it comes to absorbing the water and nutrients you feed them. Thus, you should remove any weeds in your garden right away to avoid damaging your plants. Trim your plants and remove dead leaves as well.

5. Soil Treatment

Giving your soil the treatment it needs is one way to maintain a vegetable garden. You can use compost soil to give more nutrients to your plants. Apply fertilizers as well that are appropriate for the type of plant you grow.

Buy new soil to replace or mix with your soil. However, check its quality before buying it.

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Learning How to Maintain a Garden

Here are five great ways on how to maintain a garden. Take note of all these processes to maintain a healthy garden.

For more great tips on maintaining a garden, check out our other blog posts! We have more great gardening guides for you.

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