3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trash Valet Service

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trash Valet Service

These days every property owner is thinking of adding a trash valet service to attract renters. So, if you too are going to add valet trash service in Atlanta for the convenience of your renters and to take your services one level ahead, then let’s know what it is and what are its benefits. 

What is Trash Valet Service?

It eliminates the need for large dumpsters to collect household waste to keep the property clean and tidy. Teams of trash valet companies will take the trash bins, empty them, and put them back at the resident’s doorstep. Usually, this service is offered only on weeknights. These dustbins, however, are of different types and are designed to seamlessly fit into different styles of architecture.  

For example, Indoor trash bins look like regular kitchen bins that can be easily placed in hallways. Other trash bins are designed for townhouse and condo rentals and can be placed near doors as attractive outdoor benches. 

Benefits of Trash Valet Service

Renters want it:

Nowadays, people are getting modern and smart too. They are very possessive about cleanliness in their house as they know very well that “Health is Wealth”. Because of it, they consider the trash valet service as the best junk removal service. So, if you want to attract more renters and make existing customers happy and renew their leases, then you must provide trash valet services to them. The best part is that it is liked by people of all ages (senior, young, and children). 

Keeps the property clean:

Another great advantage of using the Trash Valet service is that it prevents the accumulation of garbage outside the home, thereby reducing the risk of illness and maintaining the beauty of the home. Additionally, you don’t even have to look for a place to throw the garbage. It also saves your labor cost as you will no longer need to hire someone to clean your property. This also keeps your dustbin out of sight except when it is being picked up. People love this service because now they prefer to collect the garbage in the dustbin instead of throwing it here and there.  

Reduce the need for pests:

If you have garbage lying around outside your house, the chances of getting animals and insects will increase, and then you will have to do pests to get rid of them which can do a lot of damage to your apartment. Therefore, by using a trash valet service, you can keep the garbage away from your home and prevent a large range of animals from insects like cockroaches to animals like rats, squirrels, and raccoons from entering your home. It will also prevent stray animals from coming to your property in search of leftover food. By doing this you can cut down on pest control which also saves your money. 

The cost of a trash valet service is comparable to the cost of traditional waste management solution but it is more effective than that. This makes your property look better and requires less maintenance, making your residents happy. 

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