7 Reasons to Choose Cat Eyelash Extensions

7 Reasons to Choose Cat Eyelash Extensions

Last Updated on January 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

Would you like to make your eyes look more sexy and dramatic – try cat eyelash extensions

This type of extension features shorter lashes on the inner corners of the eyes which gradually lengthen to long lashes on the outer corners.

Eyelashes 5-6 mm long are usually used in the inner corner of the eye. For the outer corner the approximate length of the lashes is 12-13mm. 

Of course all these can be customized according to the anatomical characteristics of a client.

If you’ve been making lash extensions of the same type for a long time and wondering if you should try something new, then this information is for you! It will also be useful for newcomers who are just making up their minds to try this beauty procedure.

1.Clients with round eyes will like it.

A perfect option for clients with round eyes, because it creates a more almond shape.

2. Brightens deep set and downturned eyes.

Deep set eyes often look tired and sad. This type of extensions makes them look more open and less shadowed.

3. Suits close set eyes.

Cat lashes visually elongate the lash line and, thus, increase the distance between the eyes. 

4.Allows to hide first signs of aging.

For example, the first wrinkles around the eyes. You can get a younger and fresher look. 

5.Creates lifting effect.

After this beauty procedure your face will look visually thinner.

6.Goes with eyeliner.

Now you don’t need to apply eyeliner every morning: due to lengthening of the eyelashes towards the outer corners, the eyes will look like you’ve already done eye makeup. 

7.Helps balance the lower part of the face.

For example, with these extensions lash stylists can visually soften the jawline and the prominent chin a bit, balancing the overall facial appearance.

If you have decided to make cat eyelash extensions, pay attention to choosing quality supplies for this procedure. You can purchase everything you need in the online store of the Canadian brand LashStorePro. This company is the official distributor of the London Lash brand that offers high-quality products preferred by most of Canada’s top lash technicians. Try for yourself: we are sure you’ll be pleased!

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