How to Find the Right Commercial Janitorial Services Company

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After COVID-19 hit, the commercial cleaning services industry reached $117 billion. More businesses want deep cleaning services in the aftermath of the virus. Businesses have increased the frequency of cleaning to prevent outbreaks, too. It’s not enough to hire the first janitorial services company you find, though. After all, not every janitorial services agency will have the services you need.

Instead, keep these factors in mind before making your choice. With these tips, you can find the right team for the job.

Start your search for the best janitorial services agency around with these tips today!

1. Experience and Training

There are over 1,063,900 janitorial services businesses in the US. That’s an increase of 5.7% from 2020. Before choosing a janitorial services company, look into their experience. 

First, make sure the company is well-established in the community. An established business won’t disappear overnight. They’ve developed a stronger operation over the years, too.

Then, look into the staff. What training does the team complete? 

Do they have any credentials or certifications?

Finding an experienced, trained team will help you find the best cleaning company around. 

2. Professional Reputation

As you start narrowing down your options, head online. Visit the company’s website, BBB, and Google My Business listings. Then, read reviews for the janitorial services companies on your list.

Find a janitorial services company with a positive reputation. They’ll want to maintain their reputation by offering top-notch services.

If the company has a formal complaint filed against them, take your business elsewhere. 

3. Transparent Pricing

Make sure the company you choose is clear about its pricing. Ask for an itemized list based on the Janitorial services you need. Gather quotes from different janitorial services companies in the area.

Then, compare prices to find a company that suits your budget.

Your business is unique. Your commercial cleaning plan should suit your business. For example, your company brings in more traffic than others.

You might have higher cleanliness expectations, too.

Make sure the company will customize your cleaning plan and schedule based on your needs.

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4. Good Communication

Before choosing a janitorial services company, consider how they communicate with their clients. What mediums do they use for communicating? For example, do they use email, printed copies, or a software platform?

If you struggle to communicate with the business, they might fail to address your needs.

5. Insurance

Make sure the commercial cleaning company you choose is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Business liability insurance will protect you if there’s property damage or if someone’s injured on the job. The company’s insurance will cover medical expenses and attorney fees, too. 

Finding an insured business will protect your best interests. They won’t hold you responsible if there’s an accident. 

Start Your Search: 5 Tips for Finding the Right Commercial Janitorial Services Company

Don’t hire the first janitorial services company you find online. Instead, use these five tips to narrow down your options. These tips will help you find the best janitorial agency around.

You can feel confident that you’ve chosen the right team for the job.

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