6 Safe and Easy Ways to Buy Bitcoins

Buy Bitcoins

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Money has to change hands to acquire bitcoin. If the country you live in has a developed financial system, it is easier to change money into crypto. Learn how to safe and easy ways to buy bitcoins

The movement of fiat money serves as the biggest hurdle in the flow of crypto trading. If you embrace a sluggish and pricey payment channel, the acquisition of the crypto will also be slow and costly. If you utilize a swift channel, you can purchase crypto faster.

Below, we have listed safe and easy ways to buy bitcoins, including;

Use An ATM

Bitcoins ATMs are mushrooming everywhere and avail a convenient method of investing in cryptocurrencies. Because of regulations, the ATM alternative is not as private as peer-to-peer trade. Still, for crypto traders willing to share some personal data, these machines avail a simple on-ramp to the crypto’s universe.

There are numerous online platforms, which can be utilized to locate a crypto ATM close to you. Traders can choose their location, the kind of digital currency they wish to purchase, and find a machine nearby. The platforms also avail information on the select ATM submitted by traders and service providers regarding the ATM’s current status.

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Gift Cards

Gift cards and vouchers provide an easy method of purchasing cryptocurrencies. You visit a kiosk and buy a voucher or gift card, visit a digital platform, where you can utilize the card to purchase cryptocurrencies. The use of vouchers and gift cards is widespread in South Korea, Mexico, and Austria. Unfortunately, coupons and gift cards are reasonably pricey.

Buy Bitcoin on An Exchange

A recognized and trustworthy exchange can be a relatively simple and convenient technique to purchase crypto via bank accounts or credit cards. Every exchange has distinct KYC/AML needs, charges, special offers, and competencies. Hence, it is essential to study any possible alternative carefully before deciding.

There are numerous crypto exchanges for beginners, including bitcoin’s very own— crypto exchange. Conventional exchanges typically avail an alternative to buy cryptocurrencies via a bank account deposit or with a credit card.

A crucial thing to know regarding exchanges, nonetheless, is that if your digital currencies are stockpiled custodial, and the process gets hacked, you can quickly lose your fortune. The fortune loss is catalyzed by the exchanges limited or no insurance for your account if they get robbed by hackers or go out of business. That is why you are advised to move the digital currencies to a private wallet after the transfer is complete.

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Peer-To-Peer Markets

On a peer-to-peer marketplace, crypto traders and buyers meet and trade with each other. Peer-to-peer markets are pretty low fees of 0 to 1 percent. The spread relies on the mode of payment and the liquidity of the market. Unlike direct, in a peer-to-peer market, one has to make an offer. A willing buyer sets a price and waits for a trader to sell them the digital currencies. This allows a crypto investor to purchase vast sums of digital currency at a fairly low cost. The global peer-to-peer platform serves numerous currencies and lets traders and buyers select their mode of payment. It is regularly used to enable anonymous exchanges.

The beauty of peer-to-peer markets is that you can even trade goods for digital currency through the platforms. Every user has their rates and has special offers; hence, ensure you select a trader with a clean reputation, history of completed trades, and fair price.

Face to Face

One of the safest and easiest ways you can buy cryptocurrencies is through a direct transaction with a crypto trader. The face-to-face method is more rewarding as it is straightforward and private. The face-to-face can be between you and a trusted friend, an acquaintance who lives nearby, or a local digital currency trader who seeks to sell some crypto for the fiat currency. Buy bitcoins meet-ups are a brilliant place to network with fellow crypto enthusiasts and regular members and do business while at it.

Utilize A Credit Card

Using a credit card is another easy way of purchasing the currency. When you buy Bitcoin with a credit card, you are prompted to choose between cash or core. A prompt pops up asking you to fill in your wallet address upon pressing the purchase button. If you do not have a digital wallet, there are instructions given on how you can acquire one. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will end up with a free digital wallet; despite the purchase alternative charging a service fee, the trade is quick and convenient. Plus, all you need is an email address.


Purchasing digital currency is not as easy as people imagine. This is made worse by the fact that cryptocurrency is not recognized legally as a currency in many countries. Hence, when one is robbed, the authorities are unsure how best to address the situation. Fortunately, this article has listed several alternatives, which are more accessible and safer.

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