Safety Hazards a Truck Driver Can Encounter On the Job

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Truck drivers form an integral part of the American economy. Whether they are delivering groceries or consumer products, they keep the economy running. However, this profession has its share of risks which you must be aware of before becoming one or if you are already one. Below are the hazards associated with truck drivers.

Hazardous Cargo

Sometimes the cargo you move may pose risks to you. For instance, if it is a chemical substance or an explosive, it may cause a fire. Additionally, exposure to these substances for too long may lead to dermatitis, a condition that causes skin irritation.


Accidents are the greatest hazards facing truck drivers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 700 truck drivers lose their lives due to work-related accidents every year. Those that suffer life-threatening injuries are even more.

These accidents are caused by various factors. One of them is fatigue due to long hours on the road. Once a driver is fatigued, they can easily collide with other vehicles. Handling toxic cargo is also another factor. It may spill and if it comes into contact with your body, it will leave you with serious marks.

There are chances of materials slipping and striking you during loading or unloading. However, you should understand that sometimes this is not entirely an occupational hazard. It can be negligence of the company you are working for. If that is the case, and you stay in Colorado, you can contact a truck accident attorney in Colorado for representation.

Dangerous Surroundings

Trucking is a long lonely adventure. Sometimes your truck may break down in places marred with criminals and you are forced to repair it. Here, you are more likely to be attacked and your truck vandalized.

You are also likely to be exposed to health-threatening weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold. This may lead to heatstroke or frostbite. They may also alter the functionality of your body organs such as the chest hence making you fatigued.


As mentioned above, trucking normally involves long distances. That means you will be sitting in the same place for a long time. Even though this sounds harmless, it exposes you to serious strains. You may also develop severe back problems. Loading, lifting, or unloading materials can also lead to injuries like torn ligaments.

What is even more unfortunate about some of these injuries is that they can last your entire lifetime. For instance, if you get exposed to the louder sounds from the truck long enough, you will suffer hearing impairment.

In such a case, you need compensation from the organization you work for. So, a truck accident attorney in Colorado can come in handy.


Falls are pretty common in flatbed trucks. That is because of how far high they are from the ground, usually 13 feet. As such, there is a likelihood of a driver slipping, falling, and suffering serious injuries when loading or unloading materials.

Truck driving is a great profession, especially if you are passionate about it. It feels better moving around with such a huge vehicle than everyone else. However, it also has its negative side. The hazards associated with trucking are many as described above. It is crucial to know them.