Safety Pins Act Used for Quilting

Safety Pins

Individuals frequently pick the Size 2 knitting security pin that actions 1-1/2 inches. This size fulfills most purposes. Notwithstanding, these pins come in sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Size 00 is a simple 3/4 inch, and Size 4 estimates 3 inches. You may require little size on unpredictable plans utilizing little pieces. Click to read about safety pins sizes. Then again, you may track down that the bigger Size 3 or 4 handles the layers without breaking a sweat on thick, feathery blankets. 

5 Best Curved Safety Pins for Quilting 

The nickel plating on these steel pins implies that they will remain smooth and liberated from consumption. As a Size 2, these knitting self clasping pins are 1-1/2 inches in length. 

Each bundle contains 40 pins for an aggregate of 120. This amount of pins ought to be sufficient to assemble a medium-sized blanket. The pin’s outward bend permits you to circle the point through the entirety of your layers rapidly with less strain. 


  • The satisfactory bend for dealing with texture layers 
  • Consumption safe nickel plating
  • Three bundles 

2. ibotti Curved Safety Pins for Quilting

With a solitary buy, quilters can guarantee that they have a lot of self-locking pins available with this 100-tally bundle. These pins are likewise nickel-plated and, consequently, consumption safe. This producer gave specific consideration to building a pin that opens and closes without any problem. At the point when you are sticking many spots, your fingers will see the value in the lighter responsibility. 

The plastic case that the pins come in is reusable, which adds to this current item’s allure. Rather than coming in expendable bundling just, you will get another little case to keep your pins coordinated. 


  • Enormous amount 
  • Consumption opposition
  • Reusable plastic case 

3. Dritz Quilting 3032 Curved Safety Pins

With a 300-tally bundle of security pins, you will have enough to stick a huge blanket altogether. The bend functions admirably to accelerate sticking and gives a distinct benefit over utilizing standard straight pins. 

You may track down that the shaft’s distance across is marginally thicker contrasted with different pins. This thickness can cause some trouble while penetrating firmly woven textures. 


  • The magnificent bend for sticking blanket layers 
  • Hard plastic case 
  • Liberal amount 

4. Nickel-Plated Steel, Size 2, 100 Count

The pins have nickel plating to stop consumption, which is standard for knitting self clasping pins. The cost is generally higher for the amount than different bundles, yet the pins proceed as publicized. 

They can slide through two cotton texture layers with batting and safely hold the texture so you can sew the blanket. On the off chance that you are searching for a dependable choice to fasten seasoning your blanket, these pins will convey great outcomes. 


  • Sharp focuses 
  • Hard plastic case 
  • Simple open and close capacity 

5. Batino 100pcs Safety Pins Curved 

The cost per 100 pieces on this bundle of pins seems to offer incredible worth. As you would expect, the pins have nickel plating to secure against erosion. 

The bends along the two sides of the pin decrease strain while guiding them through different texture layers. The twofold bend likewise delivers an additional firm hang on the texture. This forestalls moving while you quilt together the layers. 


  • Moderate 
  • Powerful bend plan 
  • Sharp focuses

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