Sales Funnel Examples – What Are the Best Sales Funnel Examples?

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If you want to make your home-based business successful, you will need sales funnel examples. Sales techniques are the bedrock of any business. Without sales techniques, sales will never generate any revenue. This is why every business owner should understand sales techniques and implement them in their business appropriately. Sales techniques can be learned from seminars, tutorials and from other business owners who’ve been in the game for long.

A funnel is a simple contraption with a large base and a thin top which is used to direct traffic through a small opening. Replace the traffic coming through the opening with possible customers, and you already have the basic sales funnel. The top part is where the interested potential customers to pour through. It’s a simple design, but it does work. In this article, we’ll look at some more advanced sales funnel examples.

The first of the sales funnel examples we’ll look at was developed by Jon Miller, who is an Internet marketing guru. His product, a program called Traffic Ultimatum, was initially designed to train beginners on how to use AdWords to create high-converting ads. But he quickly realized that his product wasn’t doing well enough. So, he designed much better sales funnel that would solve the traffic problems he was having. Instead of using Google and advertisers, he decided to use a combination of paid and free traffic sources. These include contextual ads and his own affiliate programs.

Contextual ads are ads that are displayed based on what the searcher is looking for. For example, if someone is searching for information on solar energy, Jon’s website could display an ad that asks “Find solar energy tips.” Contextual ads work well when traffic to your site is slow. Because the person coming to your website has already looked for that information, they’ll be more likely to buy what you have to offer.

Another of the examples of a sales funnel with a focus on traffic includes using affiliate programs to generate sales. An affiliate program is an agreement between a merchant, such as you, and an affiliate, like us, who sells products or services. With the agreement between the merchant and the affiliate, they are rewarded for referring customers to the merchant. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

One of the most common sales funnel examples used today involves driving traffic to an opt-in page for sales opportunities. Most of us have seen these. They are usually short sales pitches that are very compelling, often too good to pass up. It is the sales pitch that convinces the visitor to fill in their contact information and sign up for whatever the salesperson is promising, even if it isn’t true.

These examples of a sales funnel are common but effective. In fact, if you use them correctly, you can get almost anything that you want out of traffic. If you know how to drive traffic to your site, you can generate a lot of sales. Properly executed sales funnel will bring in many more sales than you make from the traffic, which is why they are so popular.

Here’s the bottom line: you can use the sales funnel example to help you generate sales leads, but you really need to practice using them. Even though the principles are simple, many marketers get hung up on the details and end up struggling with generating sales leads. As long as you’re not doing something wrong, it shouldn’t take you long to get better at using a sales funnel example. Once you’ve gotten a firm grasp on how they work, though, you can start applying them to your own business and see great results.


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