Sewer Cleaning: Who Does It Best?

Sewer Cleaning: Who Does It Best?
Geöffneter Abwasser-Kanal-Deckel mit eingelassenen Druck-und-Saugschläuchen eines Hochdruck-Kanalreinigungs-Fahrzeugs (HDSR).

For most homeowners, the mention of a sewer is met with a wrinkled nose. Add in that the sewer is backed up and that same homeowner is grimacing and groaning. Nobody wants to even consider a backed-up sewer in their home.

The problem is that most of those same homeowners don’t realize you should be having your sewers regularly cleaned. Do you recall the last time, or ever, if you had sewer cleaning done? Do you even know where in your home to access the main sewer line?

If you haven’t had sewer cleaning done on your home, it’s likely you don’t even know who to call for such a job. Read on to learn who you should consider for sewer cleaning and signs your sewer might need a good clean too.

Plumber or Sewer Cleaning Company?

You know if your sink drain or toilet gets plugged, you might call a plumber. But can a plumber actually work on sewer lines too? That depends on the plumber. You’ll want to ask specifically how much experience they have in sewer drain cleaning.

Not all residential plumbers provide sewer cleaning services because they need some specialized equipment to be effective. More on this shortly. 

There are also companies that specialize in sewer and drain cleaning. As you seek someone to do a sewer line cleaning, ask about their experience with this type of work.

What’s Needed for Effective Sewer Cleaning?

You want to ask your sewer cleaning company if they specialize and their employees are specifically trained to clean sewer lines. Sewer pipe cleaning also requires some specialized tools and technology to be effective. 

Whoever you hire, shouldn’t just start cleaning without taking a look at the sewer lines first. Maybe they don’t need cleaning. Maybe they really need it and they should be prepared for what obstacles will be there while they clean. 

Advanced technological equipment should allow the sewer cleaners to:

  • Do an inspections
  • Get digital video
  • Log observations about what they see 

This technology should allow them the ability to evaluate the condition of the pipes before and after cleaning to make sure the work was done effectively.

Signs Your Sewer Lines Need to be Cleaned

There are some signs you should see a sewer assessment for your home. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it might be time to call for a professional sewer cleaner to evaluate your pipes.  Signs include:

  • Drain, toilet, or bathtub backup with sewage
  • Odors from the sewers
  • Slow working drains
  • Pipes that make gurgle sounds when they are trying to drain
  • Clogged drains
  • Basement level drains with water pooling around them

If you haven’t had your sewer lines cleaned in the last few years or you’re experiencing any of these signs, it might be time for a sewer and drain cleaning.

Get Your Sewer Cleaning Done the Right Way

Choosing to not get sewer cleaning done could have a real smelly and unfortunate situation in your home. Make sure you find a professional who has the equipment needed to get the job done right. 

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