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Conveyance of goods by sea is one of the most effective ways of moving consignments over long distances. This logistics type is versatile in comparison with air, rail, and road transport deliveries. It is allowed to transport by sea goods of almost any type (except prohibited ones), tonnage, and dimensions. There are no toll sea routes, unlike roads. In addition, the mentioned way is one of the fastest in international logistics. Learn about Shipment from China to the USA Amazon by ARDI Express in detail.

ARDI Express Company is a freight forwarder China to USA Amazon that offers different ways to reach the goal but the sea solution is the quickest and most profitable. That is why the emphasis is on the marked type of cartage. The company itself takes responsibility for all the accompanying moments and keeps its finger on the pulse to the last.

Types of cargo ships

Sea vessels are involved in the carriage of different goods, products, and materials for Amazon. These are food, household, special equipment, machine tools, grain, oil products, etc. Most freights are carried out using special containers, including large ones.

The following types of vessels are used for sea transportation of consolidated cargo.

  • Ro-ro is a ship for the portage of large vehicles, wagons, and other types of equipment on a wheelbase. Loading and unloading are carried out in a horizontal plane through the stern or tilting bow.
  • A bulk carrier is used to convey bulk materials: coal, crushed stone, sand, and grain. Large containers are separated by partitions into autonomous sealed compartments.
  • Tanker helps to ship oil products, various liquids, and liquefied gas, which are pumped into the compartments with powerful pumps. Vessels are also used to deliver bulk materials.
  • A container ship is profitable for consignments. Standard or large-sized structures are fixed on the deck using special technology to ensure the safety of products during the whole process.
  • Bulk carriers carry out cargo delivery of fish, meat, bulk carriers, as well as equipment of non-standard dimensions. The difference between this sea portage and other types is that it can work autonomously with cargo in any port.
  • A ferry is a multi-tiered watercraft that is used to ship goods and passengers. As a rule, such vessels operate in the straits between the two banks of the water barrier.

Different items that are suitable to be easily sold on Amazon can be delivered by sea. Any type of cargo goes through import customs clearance and then it’s placed in a special container, mounted on the deck or in compartments, and is subject to delivery by ship.

How are containers attached?

Various devices and fastening technologies are used during loading operations.

  • Fixed or removable limiters. These are rigid rails that are commonly used to secure even a large container on utility ships or cellular-type container ships. Knight (rigid) fasteners include bar, chain, and cable options. Bar fasteners are the safest.
  • Fitting fastening of containers allows us to place and securely fix the container on board. Fasteners are in the form of steel castings that are welded to the deck.
  • Cellular means allow specialists to secure the cargo, maintaining its integrity in the long line and increasing the convenience of cargo handling. Cellular fasteners or guide bars divide the hold in the transverse and longitudinal directions.

Locking elements are used to protect against vertical and horizontal displacement of containers on the deck. It’s about the twist locks, which are mounted in the lower corners of each tier. One should take into account the actual weight and size of the container, external factors (wind, storm), stresses in the ship’s hull, stability level, and other factors when choosing a fixing technology.


Sea conveyance of goods is economically and technologically more profitable than other options for the delivery of goods because it does not require special infrastructure: roads, gas stations, etc. It is similar to aviation logistics in this regard but it noticeably wins in terms of cost. In addition, experts note the high safety of the batch in containers and speed of delivery. The technologies are overall as any consignments can be transported, regardless of their volume, weight, and type. Moreover, ARDI Express is ready to do everything possible to ensure that the delivery of goods from China to the United States goes smoothly. It is recommended to trust specialists who have been represented in the field of international cargo shipment for several years.

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