How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost? A Quick Guide

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All across the world, there are 30 million shipping containers, some being used and others sitting empty.

A majority of the world’s economy requires shipping containers to move goods across the ocean. The largest ships in the world can carry over 20,000 of the containers at one time. They are used for more than just shipping though, people buy them all the time, which begs the question, how much does a shipping container cost?

Well, shipping containers don’t all cost the same, so let’s take a look at how much they are and what can impact the price of your shipping container.

New Shipping Container

Buying a new shipping container is the most expensive option. The size and shape of the container will also factor in the price. For instance, a basic 20ft shipping container costs around $2,000 dollars.

A 40 ft container can cost double that, with average prices falling around the $4,000 – $5,000 range. There are other shipping container options, such as cube-shaped shipping containers. These types often range over $5,000 to get a brand new one.

Alternative Styles

There are more than standard shipping containers out there. Reefer containers are designed to keep objects cold and therefore have insulation and a compressor system like a freezer. Even a used reefer container is hard to get for under $5,000, with most selling around $6,000 and up.

There are also open-top containers, and these types will run you a bit cheaper, with the average price being just under $3,000. Of course, without a top, the uses for a container like this are more limited.

Used Shipping Container

Shipping container prices vary based on the needs of the industry. With that said, a used container is a cheaper alternative to a new container. The age of the container and how often it has been used are all factors that will go into determining the price, as well as what port you buy it from.

Some used containers can go for as little as $1,400 but there are other concerns that will affect the price. One of the biggest issues is your distance from the shipyard that the container is coming from. The further you are from the shipyard, the more it will cost to have a container delivered.

Where to Buy Containers

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How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost?

With so many variables, the end answer to the question, how much does a shipping container cost falls somewhere between $1,400 and over $6,000. Your specific circumstances, needs, and location will either increase or decrease the cost.

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