Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut the Cord – Advantages of Cable TV

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut the Cord - Advantages of Cable TV

Worried if cable TV is losing its spark in today’s time? Well, here are some reasons why you should think it over before cutting the cord.

Cable TV has and is one of the largest sources of television entertainment in the majority of households in America. All your favorite TV shows that you’ve been following, can be accessed easily with a simple push on the remote button.

We understand that streaming services are giving a tough competition to cable TV, especially with people subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many other similar platforms on a daily basis.

However, we believe strongly that cable TV is not going to lose out because it still has several advantages for the American people. Let’s explore these advantages together and then you can decide if it’s really worth cutting your cable TV cord.

Benefits of Cable TV

There are more than one benefits to having cable TV in your house. Here are some of the main ones:

Live Sports

There’s no doubt that Netflix is amazing, but let’s face it, you’re not going to find the Olympics or Super Bowl there. If you’re a big sports fan like I am, you’d be better off having a basic satellite or cable TV package to be able to catch your favorite team playing, rather than trying to watch it online and getting frustrated at the never ending buffering.

Watching sports highlights online or simply watching the game once it’s been uploaded won’t bring you as much excitement as watching it live. While you might eventually find some sort of live stream of sports from where you’re residing, in all honesty, you’ll have very little options available.

On Demand Titles and Pay-Per-View

If you’re easily enticed by over-the-top kinds of services with the amount of freedom they’ve when it comes to choosing what to watch, satellite and cable TV services give you that same advantage, and in fact more.

Most if not all cable TV providers offer you the access to more than a thousand types of On Demand Titles, which are easily available no matter where your location is, whenever you want to watch them.

Moreover, you can further order pay-per-view telecasts such as MMA matches, boxing, or latest movies, often much before they become available on other streaming services. We suggest that you check out spectrum select channel list, as they’re becoming popular with each passing day because of their cable TV that has more than 125 plus channels available!

No Need to Rely on Internet

Now, this is one of the major advantages of cable TV. Netflix and all are great, but if there’s an internet connection issue, what’re you going to do about it? All you can do is, nothing and wait around for the connection to be stable again.

Relying on your internet speed to binge watch your favorite series is a real struggle and more than that, frustrating. Moreover, if you’re living in a rural area, where there’s no doubt that the internet will be slower, buffering could take ages.

Hence, why cable TV is more reliant because you don’t have to rely on the internet. As long as your cable TV is catching connection via its dish, you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry yourself with what if the internet dies out.

Cost-Effective Cable TV Packages Option

Cable subscription will usually provide you with a wide range of their channel lineups. This will allow you to select a package not just fits your needs, but matches your lifestyle as well. In fact, certain cable TV providers may even give the option to create your own package, instead of going ahead with their pre-designed ones.

Also, you can select a channel lineup that covers your basic TV essentials, and if you want, you can further choose to include sports networks or a premium entertainment that you perhaps enjoy watching the most.

Therefore, by doing so, you’ll only be paying for what you watch, rather than for all the networks that you barely tune into. Customization allows you to save on your cable TV subscriptions, and only pay for what you watch. Moreover, cable TV providers know that consumers are always concerned about the cost of the packages, so some may even be willing to negotiate. No harm asking anyway!

Things You Should Consider Before Cutting the Cord

You should definitely consider a number of things before you make the rash decision to cut the cord. Is your favorite show only available on cable TV? Should you opt for a bundle plan (cable TV and internet)? What are your viewing habits like? Are you a big sports fan?

These are some things we feel you should ask yourself before deciding to cancel your subscription.


Whether you want to get rid of the cable TV because it’s not cost-effective or you feel there’s little room for flexibility, we highly recommend that you reconsider your decision. Do a thorough research on all the cable TV providers available in your area and consider the pros and cons.

Watching television in a contemporary way never gets old!

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