5 Signs You Need to Call a Masonry Repair Company


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Does your home or building have stone or brick walls? Then, you may need a masonry repair company to maintain its lifetime.

It’s common for your masonry or stonework to have cracks and degrade. This may be due to constant extreme weather and poor maintenance. So, to ensure your masonry stays strong and solid for many years to come, you have to call the best repair service near you. 

So, when should you call for repair service? Here are a few warning signs telling you that you need to call a masonry repair company today:

1. Cracks

Vertical cracks that can go the entire way through one brick are signs of pressure. One or two cracks in the center of a structure aren’t a big issue if the mortar around it is holding up well. However, you may need a repair company to check it for you if you notice cracks on the corners of a wall or chimney. 

2. Mortar Corrosion 

A repair company can do an easy tuckpointing building repair, like reinforcing or replacing the mortar. Mortar corrosion is when the mortar within bricks begins to deteriorate or buckle. With no protector between bricks, they begin to loosen and rub against each other, causing damage. 

3. Moisture

Seeing a pool of water coming from the crack of your chimney or wall is another sign to call a masonry repair company. At times, the access of moisture isn’t noticeable, you may only see a slim condensation developing on the surface of the bricks. If these masonry issues go unchecked, mold or mildew may develop.

4. Uneven Doors

Take a closer look at the structure of your windows and doors to inspect for any problems. For example, there may be a misalignment due to the systematic movement of opening and closing them. This misalignment causes the door or window not to set into its slot as it should, and it may need a repair service

5. Protruding Bricks

Any bricks that appear to be bulging in or out must be a cause for alarm, particularly in areas with cold winters. You may need to consult a repair company, as something is wrong behind the wall, likely pushed by heat or water. When you call a repair company, they will help extract the bricks and rebuild each section and foundation.

In need of a masonry repair? Then, consider contacting commercial masonry contractors to help you out!

It’s Time to Call a Repair Company

Now you know a few top signs to call a masonry repair company today! Having an expert provide you with the proper course of action and help you maintain your masonry is best for your home or building. Make sure you properly look for these signs and contact a professional immediately.

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