Six Things to Know Before You Get Your First Lip Filler

Six Things to Know Before You Get Your First Lip Filler

Besides other beauty treatments, non-surgical beauty procedures are trending all over the world. Thanks to the modern advancements in technology, you can now get fuller and plumper lips with lip fillers. However, before you go and get your lips injected, it is important to do your due diligence and learn about what to expect from the process and what you need to consider before doing it. 

To help you decide better, here are six things you should know before getting your first lip filler. 

Choosing the Right Physician Matters

Deciding where to get your lip fillers done will make all the difference. Make sure you find a reputable provider who is licensed, trained, and board-certified for the task at hand. It is always important to have it done by someone who is medically qualified, and the same goes for your treatment with lips. Your physician must understand your facial anatomy and know where to inject properly.

Lip Fillers Come in Different Types

Nowadays, there are many options for lip fillers, with one of the most common and popular being hyaluronic acid (HA). HA-based fillers are temporary treatments since they later get metabolised. You can also have them removed with an enzyme if you do not like how they turned out. That said, there are different types of HA-based fillers for varying purposes, so it is best to consult with a medical expert to learn about your options.

You May Need a Post-Treatment

Good practitioners usually prefer to plump your lips gradually, so depending on how the first treatment goes, you may need to come back for a post-treatment or a follow-up appointment. This is particularly common for first-timers since physicians want to ease them into the process and start with a little filler before adding more after some time. 

Results are Immediate but Temporary

After the treatment, your lips may look slightly bruised and swollen for the first 24 hours. With HA fillers, you need not worry about the recovery period since you will see results immediately. The swelling will usually go away completely in about five days. 

However, remember that the results are not permanent. Depending on the patient and brand used, the filler will last around 9-12 months. Some may require a touch-up session in between, so make sure to ask your provider about this.

Supplements and Medication are Important 

Lip fillers are non-invasive, but you will still need to prepare for the procedure. Your physician will ask you about any vitamins, supplements, and medication you might be taking since they want to avoid the risk of bleeding or prolonged bruising and swelling. Generally, it is best to avoid blood thinners, vitamin E, and alcohol. If you have any active infections in your skin or around the mouth, you need to let your physician know that and heal them before you get your filler.

The Procedure is Quick

Lip fillers are quick procedures. If it is your first time, you will likely start with a consultation to talk about your medical history and what you are looking for. Other than that, the injection itself only takes a few minutes. You can also continue with your daily tasks after the procedure, but still, it is advisable to avoid major functions or events for five days to let the swelling subside. 

Are you planning to get lip fillers anytime soon? Make sure you read through the points above before your first appointment! The best way to ensure best results is to be as informed as possible, especially since the procedure involves injecting a substance into your body.

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