Why Marketing Through Social Media is a Must for Every Business.

Marketing Through Social Media

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Why does your business need marketing through social media?

Marketing through social media necessitates both strategy and imagination. While it may appear to be overwhelming, its significance cannot be taken for granted. Because social media is so important, many marketers use it as part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, salespeople who use social media to outsell their peers who do not. It’s replacing traditional marketing and most businesses are adopting this method no matter what their sizes are, big or small, start up or established, your business needs and will likely benefit from Social Media. If you’re situated in Dubai, you’ll find multiple Social Media Marketing Companies providing these services.

Differentiating traditional marketing from marketing through social media

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing according to Marketing91.com is the type where marketers use traditional platforms such as print media and broadcast media, etc. Before the popularity of digital marketing and traditional marketing was the choice of companies to promote their products to their customers.

Social Media marketing

Wordstream defines social media marketing as a form of digital marketing that leverages the power of popular social media networks to achieve your marketing and branding goals. This does not translate into simply opening multiple social media accounts and posting whenever you desire. 

Social Media Platforms to use for marketing your business

Some of the best and most popular social media platforms for marketing your business include, in no particular order; 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok

The benefits of marketing your business through social media

There are multiple benefits of your business having a social media presence and conducting its marketing through these platforms, we’ll cover a few reasons why.

Customers for your business are online.

More than 4.62 billion people are using social media right now according to SmartInsights. The young and the old are all enjoying the use of multiple social media platforms and proceed to buy products online. Not only are your business sales likely to increase but so will your brand awareness and  your feedback process. With social media marketing, you can hold easy and effective product launches and have a ton of people engaging. 

Build awareness and Brand Recognition

Gaining brand awareness and recognition is one of the most important marketing goals for any company. This is due to the fact that consumers prefer to purchase brands they are familiar with. Many customers have some level of brand loyalty, which leads to long-term business benefits. Fortunately, social media makes brand building simple and effective.

Recognize your target audience

If you want to effectively reach your target customers, you must first understand what they are interested in. You can accomplish this by monitoring their social conversations on specific topics. This is known as social listening, and it can assist you in understanding what is important to your audience as well as identifying trends they are following. You may also learn about their problems, which can help you create content that addresses those issues.

Allows you to provide quick feedback to a large number of clients.

Social media allows for real-time interaction and feedback from customers. Businesses can also respond to customers immediately. A social media customer service strategy is critical because a significant amount of consumers who had a positive experience with a brand on a social media platform said they were more likely to recommend that brand to people they know.

Keep track of how your brand is performing.

Sections like “Leave a review” help you understand why you need online reviews, and they help you optimize your customer experience to help create a positive online footprint. They provide you with information about how your brand or product is performing so that you can make changes based on customer feedback.

It is a cost effective method

Your social media presence can be a significant factor in search engines reflecting your website in search rankings. You should use social media marketing to establish a solid online reputation. This can help you have enhanced social profiles on Google’s first page and other search engines too. 

How long will it take for you to see the benefits of social media marketing?

This is a common question and most Social Media Services in Dubai have to provide accountability and answers every so often. Most experts argue that it takes anywhere from 6-12 months to start seeing results from Social Media Marketing. Some platforms gain traction much faster than others. Instagram, for example, can help your business gather momentum quickly if you use the right images and keywords. Having Instagram followers is also very important. Buying followers on Instagram is a good and fast solution to see the benefits of Instagram marketing.
To summarize, your business should be using  social Media Marketing . The benefits are endless and the connection you get from your clients through social media marketing in most cases lasts for a really long time. Consulting an expert will save you a significant amount of time; if you are a business owner, try to contact Prism Digital to give your business an outstanding online presence.

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