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Some basic applications of hydraulic systems in our daily lives:

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You might have seen hydraulic systems working around you, but did you pay attention? Hydraulic systems work by pressurizing the fluid that gives energy to the engine. Automobiles are the best example of how hydraulic systems work. We all know about the breaks of the car. We apply breaks when we want to stop the car’s motion. The break uses a hydraulic system that includes a fluid that, when pressurized, will stop the motion of the tires. Now, this is the most basic application of a hydraulic system. Below are some areas where hydraulic systems are used that you didn’t notice:

Hydraulic press:

Hydraulic presses are used to apply force to an object. The hydraulic press has a hydraulic pump and a large-volume cylinder that will help to operate the press. The power is transmitted through the pump and the cylinder, and to ensure efficient performance, fast-acting valves are used. 

Office chairs:

The chairs in our offices on which we sit with comfort also use the hydraulic system. You can adjust the chair up and down or lean back when you want to stretch your body to relax. This is all possible because of the use of hydraulics in the chair. Chairs in commercial use that can support movement all use the same application. You might have also seen it in the salons that you visit but never noticed what application is used there. 

Amusement park ride:

Your favorite ride in the park uses hydraulic systems. Yes, you read it right. All the rides in the amusement parks use hydraulics in order to ensure safety. The rollercoaster and ferries wheel is safe to sit on because they use hydraulic systems that ensure timely break of the ride and also the bars on the seats lower down easily because of the same application. So, if you enjoy your ride every time you visit the amusement park without worrying about your safety, it is all because of the hydraulic system. 


Lifts have made our lives so easy, and it saves a lot of our time. Imagine going to work, and now you have to go to the 10th floor of the building by using stairs. Lifts were invented so that people do not have to climb the stairs and if you use the lift daily on your way to the office, then you should know that the lifts use hydraulics as well. The lifts that use the hydraulic system are called hydraulic lifts and are powered by a piston inside a cylinder. 


How can we forget the most important appliance in the home nowadays-our dishwashers? You have dishwater at your home, and you have used it a number of times but didn’t notice that it also works on the application of a hydraulic system. The basic application of the hydraulic system applies to it as well. Some dishwashers use hydraulics to increase water pressure which will effectively deliver the desired results. The dishwashers that use a hydraulic system will also be quieter than the other ones. 

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