Does Springtime Mean A Spring Clean? Get In Before The Rush

Does Springtime Mean A Spring Clean? Get In Before The Rush

There is no doubt that springtime means it’s time for a but if spring cleaning.

You might be wondering why your garden should be a part of your spring cleaning? The primary reason is after all those harsh winter days your yard will definitely not be in the same condition as before. There will be lots of dead branches and plants or leaves all over the place.

All of this can be unhealthy for your garden as they can harbour fungus and disease, which can cause significant problems later on. This is why spring is the best time for clean up; it helps to keep your garden disease and weed-free. You can make your garden more appealing for upcoming beautiful summer outdoors!

If you are planning to spring clean your yard, here are some tips for you that will make your clean easier:

Before starting your spring clean-up, it is very crucial to know if your clean-up work is interrupting the compacting of the soil. Check the dryness of the soil before you decide to walk onto the garden. If the soil is not dry enough, it will prevent soil compaction, which will make difficult for plants to grow.

To check the moisture in the soil, take a handful of soil and turn it into a ball. Now, drop the ball, if the shape of the ball remains, the soil is too moist to start a clean-up, but if the shape of the ball breaks apart it is dry enough for you to walk on the garden.

The first green thing you can see in the late winter/early spring are probably just weeds,and if you want a healthy garden, it’s necessary to keep the weeds under control. Excessive weeds mean all the plants will be fighting for resources like water and sunlight; as a result, not every plant will get enough resources to grow healthily. So, it’s better to keep them to a minimum. You can also spread a thick layer of mulch or wood chips; it will reduce the time you will need to spend weeding in the future.

Now, the next thing you need to do is look for damage, overhanging branches or infected trees. Always get rid of these before they cause more damage to the entire tree, or your surroundings.

One vital thing to remember while trimming a tree is never trim more than 10% of tree branches or else it might impact the entire trees health. You can always contact a professional arborist or tree care service like Madera professional garden and tree care near you if you need any help.

If most of the tree is infected and it’s beyond saving then don’t get involved and risk your safety, call a professional from Deltona garden and tree maintenance to get rid of the tree safely.

Trimming trees in spring helps with new growth for many tree species. Trees and shrubs that bloom in the mid-to-late summer should be trimmed in early spring for a better result.For trees that are early spring bloomers, wait until their flowers fade.

If you are not confident or don’t have enough time to take care of your garden/yard. There are many tree service providers in Melbourne. Let them handle the hard work for you and maintain the beauty of your garden.


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