Steroids You Should Stay Away from as a Beginner

Steroids You Should Stay Away from as a Beginner

It’s not an easy task to be a newbie in any field of life. Being a beginner might feel exciting to you at the start, but it’s not that simple. You have to change your lifestyle according to the selected field. The same happens in the case of bodybuilding. You have to change your routine as a newbie in this field. You have to manage your time keeping in mind the time of rest and gym. 

You have to manage your diet plans according to your new routine. As a beginner, it might become a headache for you to manage all these things. But management is not the only issue that you have to face as a beginner. There are certain other issues that could become hurdles in your path. This includes selecting the right gym, time, and workout. 

The most challenging thing is the selection of steroids. Most believe that the first challenge is to decide where to buy steroids? This, however, is not the case. The real thing to ponder is to know which steroids to buy. 

As a beginner, you have more excitement and energy to get the muscles. You just want to gain big muscles in no time. To gain muscles in no time you start to take steroids. During this process, the advertisements about steroids attract you the most. Most of these advertisements are false. These ensure you have big muscles in a very short period of time. As a result of which you start using steroids without having proper knowledge about them.

You could also start taking some steroids that could have an adverse effect on your health. So it’s important for you to know about the steroids which you should never use as a beginner. This might lead you to serious health issues. So, before using steroids, make sure to get access to the right information. Know the difference between testosterone and steroids

On this note, take a look at some steroids that you should stay away from as a beginner.

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Oxymetholone is the actual hormone that is sold under the brand name of Anadrol. As a beginner bodybuilder, you should stay away from it. This is basically used for the treatment of various blood diseases like anemia, etc. Proper medical assistance should be taken before using it. 

You should never use it if you have some liver or kidney problems, as it could make tumors in infected livers and kidneys. Acne and blood clotting are its common side effects. The biggest reason to not use this is that it could stop your bone growth, keeping your height short. 

Some researches show that it has no athletic purpose other than gaining weight, so you should avoid it. 


Trenbolone is the next steroid you should stay away from as a beginner. It helps in rapid fat burning and muscle gaining, therefore many beginners start using it. But there are some reasons for which you should avoid it. It is injectable only, so as a beginner you can inject it at the wrong place, causing big trouble for yourself.

Its prolonged use is inhibited by medicine. The longest period of taking it is 8 weeks. It could also cause an increase in your anger and sexual desires, which might become difficult for you to control as a beginner.


Winstrol is the brand name of the Stanozolol hormone that is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. It is quite popular among athletes for getting strength and a big muscular body. But you should avoid it as a beginner, as its rapid action might not be controlled by a young athlete. It might result in menstrual infertilities and inhibition of birth in females. 

Testicular autotrophy and acne are common effects in men by using this hormone. Moreover, it’s not legal in most parts of the world, so you should avoid it to keep yourself protected from various issues.

After knowing their effects on the beginner’s body, you will surely keep a distance from them. Other than that, you should also do research on steroids that are meant to be used by beginners. Know about their benefits and how do anabolic steroids work.Furthermore, make sure to buy anabolic steroids from a trustworthy store, such as SteroidFax.


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